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  1. I don't think that this is true. The "var me = this" in my sample is the view or the viewController. And the close event on the window listener is calling "me.onClosePopup", that would be a function...
  2. I have modified your Fiddle somewhat. You had used "field" instead of "fields". And I have put the idPropery in the store's proxy and not in the model.

  3. Why using a store? I am using for this kind of things a singleton. Make a singleton called something like UserSession and once the user is logged in you can set and get the values from this...
  4. This is an excerpt from a grid. In the dockedItems I have 2 toolbars on top. One is hidden. You could do an animate on the toolbar, but I haven't done that in my sample.

    dockedItems: [{
  5. You were right, I had a iconCls named "filter" and in my CSS therefor ".filter". Thanks a lot for your reply.
  6. openPopup: function() {
    var me = this;
    var win = Ext.create('Ext.window.Window', {
    title: 'My Popup',
    width: 300,
    height: 300,
    items: [{
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    Well if you have a store in your grid that is not autoloading. Then you could do this:

    params: {
    someparm: paramvalue
    callback: function (records) {
  8. Does that mean that until that we have to stick with version 10.0.1 of PHPStorm?
  9. Call the web service indirectly with an intermediate PHP on your own server and Curl to the service. Then let your Ext JS store absorb from your PHP that contains the results of the CURL. I have done...
  10. I am using Ext JS 6 and the triton theme.

    I have a rendering issue on the colorpick field. Has anyone a clue how this can happen? Or better, how to get rid of it?

  11. I had the same problem, just remove the storeId tag from the store definition. After that it will work. Then it is sufficient to put the store in the application.js under 'stores'.
  12. I have also looked into the remote packages and I have written a step by step article about it.
  13. I totally agree with that. Sencha Inc. would encourage so many customers to be less hesitate to choose Ext JS as the platform, rather than the competition, like Kendo UI. I already proposed a...
  14. If you have the following kind of Ext.application in your app:

    name: 'Userguide',

    extend: 'Userguide.Application',

    requires: [
  15. If you want more success on getting some help, you should use the proper CODE or PHP tags in the editor. This is so hard to read. Once done, I am willing to help you.
  16. I will give a solution for my own addressed problem.

    What I did in steps (from scratch in a newly created workspace):

    I created a new workspace (sencha workspace generate, that creates the...
  17. I thought I just share this with you all. A checkboxgroup where you can select just 1 or none. I needed this for my application and found that more people where looking for it.

    In the fiddle it...
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    You can't. You will not be able to get to the support portal downloads. I think that is crazy, but that is why I always save the downloads on my own server. It freaked me out too, the first time I...
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    I think it's 1 year of support plus 1 year for every since you had your license expired. Sencha has the nerve to charge you backwards in years.

    If you never had a commercial license it is even...
  20. initComponent: function (arguments) {
    var me = this;

    Ext.apply(me, {
    items: [{
    xtype: 'treelist',
    ui: 'nav',
  21. I took this excerpt from an application of mine. I do it like this since ExtJS 3. This bit is coming from a controller, but you can use it everywhere.

    So after pushing some "Delete" button, you...
  22. I have done that this but with no success. A working model for this issue from a Sencha Inc. expert would be most welcome. I am struggling with the same problem.
  23. One major issue I have right now with my setup where I have url's like:
  24. After struggling with the same issue I have found out that when you put it like:

    "resources": [
    "path": "resources"
    "path": "other_resources"
  25. I have found the error (bug?): is existing in ext->packages->core that came with creating a workspace and the usage of ext-6.0.1 as SDK.


    but this workspace is...
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