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  1. Hi, Have you tried also with a jsonp? In remote situation how I can verify the success of the offline mode with localstorage? Thanks.
  2. Exactly. I modified the code in this way:

    handler: function () {
    var list = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('listView')[0];
    var currentIndex = carouselDetail.getActiveIndex();
  3. Hi, I have a list, the item tap event create a carousel of details, if I go ahead with the elements of the carousel I change also the active item of the list. So I want to display this active item in...
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    Thanks for reply...yes of course I used the correct data, sorry but I picked up two different examples.

    Also using the example of sencha I get that error, then I don't understand how to use this...
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    Hi guy, I'm really in a difficult situation. I would like to create a carousel picking up data from a nested json, here the JsonP:

    So I...
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    I b1551, thanks for this, I have the same problem, have you solved it? I have a Container with a panel inside.
    Thank you very much.
  7. Yes you're right :) But my itemTpl is very complex, I've just many controls, in fact now I have a problem with the "load more", the second page loads the images normally and not with the lazyload...
  8. Ahahah ok thanks...I thought I was crazy :D

    Now it works...but I'm trying to remove the bond of the height of the item, because it is fixed at 200px. You that have written this code have any...
  9. Ok thanks, now is much clearer. The problem is that if I use the static approach with the Data[ ] everything works well. I have not changed anything, I just removed the data and added the store...
  10. Thank you natewerewolf, this is very great and useful. I'm trying to implement this lazy load at the image of the items of my list, but I'm having trouble for the approach with the MVC. I...
  11. Hi fmoseley, thanks for the response. I solved partly my problem, I was able to greatly reduce the number of codes, especially the loading of all stores for all the lists at the start of the...
  12. Ok thanks...

    If I want an application with ten identical lists (for example) but load different data from different JsonP, this is what I should do:
    - Build a single model that is valid for all...
  13. For my application I am facing the same problem: fetch of the external data to build a series of lists to distinguish between different categories, but these lists have the same structure. So I am...
  14. Sorry I didn't understand well. Can you post a more complete example?

    I have a view with this html:

    html: [
    '<div>' +
    '<h3>{here a global...
  15. Ok I'm solved.

    xtype: 'titlebar',
    docked: 'top',
    id: 'myTool',
    listeners: {
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    Ciao Stefano, puoi farlo con il command line, puoi aggiornare all'ultima versione con questo comando:

    npm update -g cordova

    oppure una versione specifica:

    npm install -g cordova@3.4.0
  17. It's possible that there isn't a solution??? Please where I'm wrong??? :(
  18. Thanks to all, you are right MiamiCoder, in the controller it's also easier to manage this. Now I only put the reference id (tooll) to the bar, in the controller:

  19. seems that not even enter in the store.on function. What I need is to manage a single record of my json and see "Something" as the toolbar's title...

    "items": [
  20. Hi to all, I searched for a solution everywhere. I need to load the title of the toolbar dynamically from a JSON because I have several categories that change over time and will be loaded from an...
  21. Hi, I am also interested to this. I have a number of lists relating to different categories and I can't set the title at the beginning but dinamically by a Json.

    How do I set the title of a simple...
  22. Ok I found a solution, thanks to all for suggestions.

    This solution it's good for Sencha Touch v. 2.3.1:

    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',
  23. No :( I don't know exactly how to do it. Thanks for the suggestion paulh1971. I upgraded my php file, the first was wrong, but that does not work.

    $to = "";...
  24. Hi paulh1971, thanks for this example. Unfortunately I can not use an aspx file, only php file. Could you give me some suggestions? I'm not familiar with the management of php file, should I...
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    What kind of Slide Navigation Menu are you using? Please link a reference file. Is the .js files in the ux folder.
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