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  1. It's a little easier to ask the community to work for you. No ?

    Ext has a lot of premium users whoses paid. I understand that you can't implement RTL immediatly but users started to talk about RTL...
  2. Did you use a manual refresh (by code) or did you use the PagingToolbar refresh ?
  3. Hi all,

    Here is the code again

    * This class manages the position of scrollbars in a Grid by retreiving the actual position
    * just before the loading, and restoring the memorized...
  4. Sorry I've just seen your post tonight ! I'll post again my solution next week and also send you a PM.
  5. To store states in a database, you must provide a specific provider to the StateManager (The default provider is CookieProvider). The best way is to create a RpcStateProvider.

    Create a new class...
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    Don't you think it could be a good idea, that Ext team provide a SVN (or CVS) repository for GXT extension ?

    Then when Ext team think an extension is good enough, then commiter rights (on GXT-Ux ...
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