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  1. It may help to see some code, but you are calling a method to set links on a model ( request ) vs using the links config on the model itself.
  2. You can still use form.loadRecord or you can use the vm's setter ( setData )

    Here is a quick example with several options provided

    Ext.define('', {
    extend :...
  3. Agreed, the grid is very heavy. If you change your example to use container, the time drops down to < 100 vs 1K even with height.
  4. Your requirement of having to resize the grids to display the EmptyText in a layout the is dynamic (vbox/hbox) is simply a killer.

    This is causing your entire display to redraw each time to resize...
  5. Have a look at:!/api/Ext.chart.label.Label-cfg-calloutLine...
  6. Perhaps you could use a singleton class that can be accessed from any view to carry values.
  7. I would say that you should add your 'Ext.window.Window' requires at the top of app ( Application.js ) instead of instead of inside the class that is trying to extend a window itself.
  8. Can you send me the command used to generate/build your app and the code change to view/Main.js

    The version of Ext as well, I see you are using Cmd
  9. That is fine, so what is the result if you generate the new app and build with the updated view?
  10. When you generated your app, was it for classic or modern? Did you specify this when you generated?

    sencha -sdk ~/Sites/extjs600 generate app MyApp ~/Sites/myapp --classic

    If you generate...
  11. If I understand this correctly, it sounds like you need to create constraints for your sprite:
  12. Based on your define (BIFA.view.login.Login), should be ./app/view/login/Login.js
  13. Are you sure your query is returning valid?

    This works fine:

    var store = Ext.create('', {
    root: {
    expanded: true,
    children: [
    { text:...
  14. It may help to see how you have this implemented in a test case:
  15. You would need to use a renderer to display the display value:
  16. If you load the messagebox into chrome:devtools, you can see all the styles applied for what you want to change if you want to go at it directly.

    For the icon, we use font-awesome in Ext6...
  17. You may want to have a look at sessions if I understand you correctly:!/api/

    More info:
  18. Thanks for the report! I have opened a bug in our bug tracker.
  19. Since ExtJS is JS, it can use any that are supported:
  20. Are you searching remote data or local data?

    Perhaps you could put together a small example of what you have:
  21. Replies
    The buffered store is provided so that you do not need to use paging. It loads ranges of data as you scroll.
    Also, grouping would not work as you are only loading a range, so it would only have...
  22. Perhaps use a convert field to update the text in the combo store:
  23. I have always used server side solutions:

    PDF: tcPDF, FPDF, mPDF or iText ( java )
    XLS: PHPExcel

  24. Replies
    We do not have this out of the box, but perhaps you can use the Ext.Draw to simply draw the color region on the chart area?
  25. Browser zoom is handled internally by each specific browser and can cause issues like you see, hence it is not really supported.
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