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    I think the point is that with the proper use of interfaces, you're not actually instantiating the GWT version of the class, with all of its dependencies, including GWT.create(). You should be able...
  2. I completely agree with mnilson's statement. To rephrase it simply, there should be consistency in the wrapping API, and this is the bug that should be addressed.
  3. I've run into this exact same problem as well -- I have a custom widget which is continually swapping out the components inside of the outer container. I've had no problem with that code before this...
  4. My home development platform is OS X, which means that the GWT Hosted Shell embeds the OS version of Webkit. However, the user agent of the webkit shell does not identify itself as Safari, which...
  5. I have an odd problem with Firefox.

    1. User enters data into a field. User presses Enter to kick off some processing on what they entered.
    2. I disable the field while the processing is in...
  6. That's not true. The browsers have an onchange event that covers this case. Here's a snippet of code to prove it:

    <script type="text/javascript">
  7. public void onModuleLoad() {
    String html = "<tr><td>inside my table</td></tr>";
    HtmlContainer hc = new HtmlContainer(html);


  8. To reproduce:
    1. Select the word "Value" in the second field.
    2. Click and drag the selection to the empty field.

    1. "Empty Text" does not disappear.
    2. The dragged in word and the...
  9. Hello, I'm curious to see a response for this bug since this thread was started in December.
  10. Ok, yes, changing the action does work.

    The original problem is very frustrating because if the user does the Enter key thing above, and then takes some other action that does an RPC, any model...
  11. It's one thing to submit the form - I'm not arguing with that. That shouldn't cause the entire app to reload and rebind!
  12. Hello,

    I've found that pressing the enter key in a single line text field causes the entire app module to reload. The field must be embedded in a form panel (moving to a parent container removes...
  13. If you call the onAdd method where the List of models is an empty list, you eventually get to a JavascriptExcetion because the GridView class attempts to focus the first row (which, in this example,...
  14. Steps to reproduce:
    1. Click the button (opens a menu). Does not matter if the menu is empty or has items.
    2. Click into the text field.

    Result: The empty text does not clear, and you can begin...
  15. If a content panel is removed and then re-added to a container while the content panel is collapsed, the collapse buttons multiply when you re-expand the content panel. It does not matter if the...
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    For grins and chuckles, I tried this out in a Firefox 3.2 alpha, and specifically enabled their new "TraceMonkey" JS engine, which is faster than what is in the current 3.0.x versions of Firefox. ...
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    I'm curious to see if anyone else has experimented with rendering a Grid with any of the effects from the Fx library. With a grid of 100 rows and several columns, I'm finding that using a Fade...
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    It's great to see the rapidity at which this was developed. I applaud your fantastic work.

    What are your plans for licensing this ActiveGrid?
  19. Darrell, the issue is deeper than that. The DeferredCommand works only so long, in direct relation to the number of enabled items on the menu.

    For the example given here, there are 2 enabled...
  20. FWIW, the exact same behavior as described above is present in a post 1.1.4 SVN build (pulled from SVN yesterday).
  21. I've discovered an edge case where removal of an Item from a Menu throws anywhere form 2 to 4 Javascript Exceptions. To demo the bug, run the following code, open the menu, and click on either of...
  22. I've worked around this by ensuring that I call new on any menu items that are being recycled on the menu (after calling removeAll() ). This seems inefficient, as I'm allocating more memory for a...
  23. I'm not sure if this is a bug in GXT or GWT, or I'm not using the libraries correctly. If I have a Menu with an item in it, I can open and close the menu as many times as I like without problem. ...
  24. Maybe I'm stating the obvious, but seeing the UI slowdown like you describe is going to be highly dependent on your browser, as some JS engines are better than others. This is especially noticeable...
  25. The problem is that, conceptually, we're dealing with two different meanings of null:

    * User invalidates a field -- the Java type for the field data is Date, so you can't set the value of a Date...
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