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    Thx, this override solved my grid sorting problems too :D
  2. looks smooth ;)
  3. Will this (Flash 10) at least break the hated flash tracking "cookies" ? I use FlashBlock, so no change for me, but it interests me :)
  4. How do you do the authentication on the server, or is everything just working on client side?

    Bump: You can try calling "page2.html#authenticationcode", the part after the # shouldn't be sent to...
  5. My question is: Why wouldn't you send the data to the server? What is your exact scenario?

    With this info maybe a better solution is possible.

    Generally you could try to open...
  6. This bug is appearing here when using Ext v2.0.x with Firefox3. The problem was fixed here by replacing

    .ext-ie .x-grid3 table,.ext-safari .x-grid3 table {

  7. Does someone already have a solution for exporting FusionCharts server side on Linux server into an image withouth any client webbrowser?
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    Please check the URL which the store is calling when you change the sort, this URL should contain a sort field and the sort direction.

    The second thing is that your server code must support the...
  9. I know valueField and displayField especially from comboboxes.

    You could have a combobox linked to the following data:

    {countrycode: 'IT', countryname: 'Italy'},
    {countrycode: 'DE',...
  10. You have to checkout the code from the Google Code SVN.

    svn checkout ext-ux-wiz-read-only
  11. For testing just replace the LovCombo contructor in your lovcombo.js called from lovcombo.html with the code below.

    Problem 1: Firefox2: =>ON=>OFF Flashing on all checkbox when dropdown is opened...
  12. That could be possible. I am not using setValue, only checking with mouse. I still have to do some deeper code/functionality research.
  13. Hi,

    I have the problem, that everytime I open the dropdown and select an item for the first time,
    all the checkboxes are flashing =>ON=>OFF (0.1sec or so). This is caused by the setValue method:...
  14. For finding extra commas minify your code and look for ",]" or ",}", this way you can find some of them :)
  15. For finding extra commas you can search for ,] or ,} if you have a minified version of your code, otherwhise if your editor supports regular expression search, then look for ,[\s ]*] or similar...
  16. Because multiple queues still rely on maxnumber of connections, this could be solved by introducing some kind of priority system: maybe just a numbering, and higher priorities go directly to the top...
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    Just the logo on a T-shirt would be a little bit sparse, we need an extremly cool slogan !! :D
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    What about non-profit "fun" projects, where the developer doesn't want to share the sources?
  19. This means, if someone buys a commercial release f
  20. It would by nice to have an option "strictRangeSelect", when "true" you can select exact one date range limited by startdate/enddate, but you cannot interrupt this range with CTRL-Click or other...
  21. There is a typo in DateFieldPlus, just search for "showWeekNumer", with this fixed the window shows the week number as default.

    Thx for this nice extension!
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    Thank you for this code.

    I managed to store the state from a grid in a DB, and to read the state back into this.state when loading the page.

    But how can I set the grid state now with the...
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    I managed this by adding the last line in the code below somewhere after the grid code:

    var grid = new Ext.grid.PropertyGrid({
    // Some other code
    grid.startEditing = function(){ ...
  24. Another solution is mentioned in this thread: link
  25. I have fixed the problem now, I had to specify the image width and height in the form extension. This fixed the high shadow.

    var helpImage = label.createChild({
    tag: 'img',
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