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  1. same problem here
  2. Same problem here,

    what we additionally see, is that the performance on chrome is much slower than on safari.
  3. Just insert the itemdoubletap event on a list with

    listeners: {
    itemdoubletap: function() {
  4. Hi, this one enable the native scrolling in current sencha 2 beta, but I can not guarantee that it is performant... i do not testet it in production...

    if someone can pimp this, let me know!
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    new Ext.field.Spinner({
    minValue: 0,
    maxValue: 100,
    incrementValue: 2,
    cycle: true

    should be
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    Another error on getValues is that a toogle returns now an Array and not the given value.
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    This problem occurs also on other elements like a container:

    The definition of listeners in config or directly in the "Ext.define" does not work, only if I use "this.on" in the initialize method....
  8. The problem is in Ext.Decorator on:

    updateComponent: function(newComponent, oldComponent) {
    var element = this.innerElement;

    if (oldComponent) {
  9. Hi,

    there is a big bug with the indicator in carousel:

    Reproduce in Kitchensink on console:

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    Same here, please provide this functionality back! Thanks!
  11. Hi, I don't know if it is right:

    If i use the resources/css/sencha-touch.css file, there is quite a big difference in outlook.

    I found it out using the labelAlign property, which does not work...
  12. Hello,

    I can confirm this bug, I'm using the jQuery Adapter with jQuery 1.3.2 and the official extJS 3.0.0. Found this bug on using Ext.Window and the lazy creation of windows. When I add the...
  13. Hi,
    im using ExtJS 2.2 and after defining a jsonreader with a record, that has a nested mapping:

    var ProviderPrice =[
  14. The solution is very simply:

    just clear all selections before start editting, and select the row where the current editor is used:

    in your grid subscribe to the beforeedit event:

  15. Hi, thanks for your answer.

    The problem that on using the combination of a simple editor grid like with the Rowselectionmodel, your...
  16. Hello,

    im using the Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel with the Rowselectionmodel. All is going fine, and i can edit my grid, but when using the specialkeys (tab, enter etc) the rowselectionmodel doesnt...
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    im trying to extend the PagingToolbar, but Im running into some problems. These are my tries: At the moment, i just want to override the onClick function ...

    Ext.peppyPagingToolbar =...
  18. Hi yui-ext friends,

    first of all, this is a really, really, very great work! Respect!

    Im totaly new to yui-ext, and want to use it in my thesis work (peppy), wich is an event-based ajax...
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