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  1. Hello i have a viewport with a left region which is collapsed.

    when i click on menu, the west regiong (collapsed one) reloads with different options. is there a way i can highlight that region in...
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    thanks Condor for helping me out in this, im beggining to change some things and even though the look is still awful in IE, its at least working (no errors).

    i had some containers and panels...
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    thanks for the quick answer Condor, could you point to me to where and what debug , im kind of lost in IE as to how debug that
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    Hello I have this issue (only in Internet Explorer)

    When i open a page that works without trouble in Chrome and Mozilla, i get this error in the debugger - and the page shows all moved/away and...
  5. Hello this is more of a conceptual question.

    in most examples, from an editor grid there is only one request for insert/delete/update with all records sent in it for each action.

    what i'd like...
  6. Hello im trying to use an editor grid, with a top panel with a text fields to create new records in the grid.

    when i insert a new record, the new records appears as phantom always what am i doing...
  7. Hello I have this problem

    I need to use an editor grid with different url (create, seach, etc) but i dont have control of whats comes from the server side. Therefore i can only expect the JSON of...
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    I have a bit of a question, which seems kind of too easy but i cant find the answer.

    I have a form with two buttons, submit and reset.

    I have added a function to submit the form by pressing...
  9. excellent thanks fay you are a good samaritan :D

    I will search for how to disable editing when user clicks the mouse or press enter, but believe shouldnt be so hard now when i finish i will post...
  10. thanks for the swift answer fay.

    I use the ext debug.js file.

    the clicked cell not being activated to edit with the click of the mouse its OK and working.

    what have now its when i click a...
  11. Thanks for the swift answer fay.

    Im using the ext debug.js , yet im a newbie with extjs maybe im trying too hard too quick.

    What I do to get the F2 key:

    grid.on('keydown',keydown, this);
  12. Hello I have a small question.

    I have an editor grid and a store working OK.

    Now what i want is to:
    select cell with the mouse but editting shouldnt be activated
    navigating cell with arrow...
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