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  1. I had the same issue and realized that apart from the changes mentioned above, we still need to add the
    persist: true property on all fields in the model that we want to track changes for.
  2. I used Sencha Touch when it was originally released, but then went on to other projects. Now I want to build a desktop + mobile application, and am back again :-)

    Basically, I like how Sencha...
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    I tried accessing this today but it crashed Safari. Could you check please?
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    Congratulations on winning sponsored entry to next year's conference. That itself is a nice price for all your excellent efforts.

    Time now for me to finish up the pending app and roll it out to...
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    I come from jQuery background, found Sencha Touch to be exciting and learnt Sencha / ExtJS to enter the contest. My app was surely not the greatest. But I felt it was very useful! My reaction to the...
  6. Thanks for the feedback. We wanted to support unlimited cards, hence used an infinite carousel. The limitation with this is that we can't show those indicator dots..

    I also felt users may be lost...
  7. Thanks for putting that together. Gives people a very good idea of what apps are running for the top prize, as well as what you were looking for in the apps.
  8. Hey Dan,

    That's a cool app. I can imagine you had to get past a some technical challenges to build that app.

    Good work!

  9. Our app was not in the Top 10, but we plan to continue developing it further.

    I just posted a thread in the Showcase about Cluster Cards, and welcome your comments.

  10. We built Cluster Cards - insightful, action oriented card deck for problem solving - for the Sencha Touch App contest. Our app did not make it to the Top 10. It's not a great example of Sencha...
  11. I submitted an app to the contest too, and am eagerly awaiting for the short list. I saw there are 199 entries so far, so am crossing my fingers about our app :-?

    We have started with a simple...
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