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    How do I add a vertical scroll to a combo box if the list is too long?
    We have some lists that are 50+ items, and I would like to add a vertical scroll bar to the combo box.
    (Currently in order to...
  2. That worked, TY
  3. I am converting the deprecated Tree to a TreePanel, and have ran into the following issue.
    I need to know what was selected prior to the new selection. For example, if the user pressed a "back"...
  4. See attached for the screen shots.
    SS1 is what the original load of the page looks like,
    SS2 is once you click the "next" btn.

    If I click on the border of the pop up window (in SS2), the fields...
  5. In my app, the next button on the window actually performs a post action, and reads in a new XML, (And the fact that the alignment is off, really messes up the second and previous pages).
    I got this...
  6. My tree needs to repopulate each time information is submitted to the server (from a FormPanel).
    I look up the previously selected item, and appear to find it OK, but when I call
  7. I broke down and added a wait into the code, and now it works.

    package ext.plm.speced.ui.client.forms;

    import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.Events;
  8. This works, but only when I step through it (not when it runs). It's like I am requesting information from the TreeStore before it is available.

    public ContentFormPanel() {...
  9. I have created the following class to create my navigation panel.

    import java.util.List;

    import com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.Style.HorizontalAlignment;
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    Never mind, I think I figured it out. I just had to break things apart differently to get it...
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    Hello -- thanks by the way for the great ideas.
    I'm pretty new to GXT, and I'm really struggling with how things communicate with each other. I like the component registry idea, but I'm having...
  12. Got it, thx!
  13. Hi:
    I'm new to GXT, and I am pretty sure this must be a setup issue, but I cannot figure it out.

    I'm trying to recreate the PortalDemo layout. Using GXT 1.2.
    My code is as follows:
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