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  1. I would like this functionality as well, there is a solution to use additional fields to app.json css files
  2. But that it is exactly what I do, and feels like it doesn't work.

    i tried to use both scenarios in app.js:


  3. Hi guys, I am using a "config" for some global variables used several times in the app.

    it is a singleton object like this :

    Ext.define('APP.util.Config', { singleton : true, alias...
  4. Hi guys, I used this class as well for my app config, but when I upgrade my sencha I have issue when I try to build production and I have not idea what is the issue :

    TypeError: Object #<Object>...
  5. For me as well the new Sencha CMD did not update my $PATH, so I had to do it manually.

    I your case as ell feels like you have just the SenchaSdkTools and not the CMD one, which needs to be...
  6. I agree, it maybe as well because MAC OS versi, I am using Mountain Lion, and the $PATH variable is in ".bash_profile" and not just ".profile". Anyways your suggestion works like a magic and...
  7. Yay, that works, thanks again ! Weird why Sencha Cmd v3.0.0 did not add in ".bash_profile" var by itself when I tried to install. But manually adding works too. Thanks!
  8. I am using Mac OS, Thanks for your help !
  9. How can I do it ? Is it a command in terminal.

    You mean if 'sencha' command is pointed to the dir "/bin/Sencha/Cmd/" , how can I check this info ?

  10. I have the same issue as well

    I am using Mac OS 10.8 and I am trying to use Sencha Cmd 3.0.0 for sencha 2.1.0.

    I have tried few steps to deal with and not successe :

    For sencha 2.0.1 I...
  11. You will need to include the 'pdf.js' and 'compatibility' as well in your application,

    You can include in "index.html" like a
    <script src="{link to the script}" ...

    But I suggest to use...
  12. How do you include the PDF.JS in your app ? Fells like it cannot find it.
  13. Hi guys,

    Have someone figured out how to fix production issue, I do have as well this issue ,

    I have the same issue like "Morphew", when in normal and testing mode works fine but when I try...
  14. Hi guys,

    There is an example where I can make a carousel which shows not 1 item but multiple items per slide .

    ex: I have 30 items (same type of data) and I want to split by 3 items to show...
  15. I tried even this with the same result:


    var closeButton = {
    iconCls: 'close',
  16. Hi guys, I try to insert a new item and I want to be the first one, but all the time it appears at the very end.

    ex my controller:


    extend: '',
  17. Ohh man, I am so stupid .. Thanks man
  18. Hi guys, I am pretty new in Sencha and my question is :

    How can I Set Active container by pressing an list items.

    I want to switch a viewport by taping an item, it should be pretty easy

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