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  1. Oh, right. But still wondering if is the right behavior cause besides creating and selecting the new one, is selecting the one matched also, which may not be wanted.
  2. I just tried the Tag Field in Kitchensink with the Keyboard and it seems that is selecting also the typed letters. See attached...
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    I've down voted your comment because imo you are not correct. I've used ST in the past with NVD3 and it was super easy, from the element to the data and stores, a small reference you can find here,...
  4. Yes you can do it with " var node = me.getView().getNode(record);" also.
    I'm not sure why are you setting up that html, but a better alternative it might be to use...
  5. Tab panels by default have only!/api/ I've not seen anything for lazy instantiation
  6. By looking at code should work for 5.1 also
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    Any news on source map generation ?
  8. I would be interested too in finding an easy automated process for all Ext 4/5, ST2. Investigating now the field.
  9. I think you can get the rendered records with grid.getView().getViewRange()
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    You only get the warning message in debug mode, because of the debug tag ;)

    if (!namespace) {
    Ext.log.warn("Missing namespace for " +...
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    Use the source code whenever you have issues. That regex requires to have in the namespace "controller" word, thus : MyApp.base.controller.Application. Or you could use Ext.ns().
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    That because the JS engine runs first ApplicationController definition (which implies running Controller.resolveNamespace(cls, data) in onClassExtended ) and then your App creation. So that...
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    Because I couldn't replay on that blog post, will post a big LIKE here for the ViewController approach/architecture which I think too that will help, mostly in large/big apps. Can't wait for first...
  14. I think we would need a feature request for the case when one theme is needed to be used for more charts. I've had to add a workaround for this, and override Ext.chart.theme.Theme.initTheme to pass...
  15. Hmmm, a little strange tough makes sense. Was blinded because of IE, thx.
  16. "store" config works like to any ST component. Pls post your store code and widget's configuration.
  17. I put the code into my Form Panel, created MultiSelect.js file under app/view/ folder.
    Copy the whole content int that MultiSelect.js file.

    But when I run my application, it browser throws an...
  18. Browsers versions tested against, both OSX10.8.5 and Windows7:

    Chrome 31.0.1650.57 - not ok

    Firefox 25.0.1- not ok

    Safari 6.1 (8537.71) - not ok
  19. You should use a instead of, for TreeStores.
    A example:
  20. Yep the draggable bug is confirmed:
  21. Like I said, you are trying to resize and drag SVG tags not HTML tags, which means that Resizer won't work for you
  22. :) thx…that's because of the code formatter + copy&paste
  23. Yes, draggable seems to have a problem, let's wait for now and see if the bug will be confirmed(posted already) And btw, you can't use Ext.resizer.Resizer for SVG sprites, it works only for html...
  24. Ext version tested

    When trying a sprite with draggable: true, initDraggable throws an error because of missing reference/value of the surface element

    Steps to...
  25. To drag a sprite, look at Ext.draw.Sprite.draggable and inside its code to understand how to.
    For resize as far as I know, at sprite level there's nothing by default implemented. You will need to...
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