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  1. No, this is Page Analyzer issue. I think it starts to throw Stack Overflows when loading hooks
  2. Hi

    Any updates on this? When it is scheduled for fix?

  3. on() without delay on view 'refresh'?
  4. focus works fine when I have Grid generated and loaded . And when after that I come and do focusRow() - no problem. But during loadData - I have a problem.

    So I ended up doing following:
    I mon()...
  5. This is a first thing I tried because it is easiest. But didnt work for me.

    First, when you pass array of indexes into () it doesnt select. Either one-by-one with indexes or...
  6. Simple task but gave me a lot of pain. When selection works fine - view.focusRow() or view.focusNode() is a killer. I ended up doing this, where focusOnSelect is a function of .mon
    Rows are selected...
  7. Yes. I see checkbox in place. All I am saying I added override for Lockable so new fix will not produce new issue. Mouse over last header in locked part and see there is no menu.
  8. In latest night 4.1.2 build this bug marked as fix. And yes, after reconfigure checkbox doesnt disappear.
    But in Lockable calculation of Locked Grid width is not counting for checkbox. So when you...
  9. I see it in 4.1.2 nightly build of August 26.

    I used this override to fix it.

    Ext.define('Ext.selection.CheckboxModel2', {
    override: 'Ext.selection.CheckboxModel',
  10. Here is override for ChheckboxModel

    Ext.define('Ext.selection.CheckboxModel2', {
    override: 'Ext.selection.CheckboxModel',

    beforeViewRender: function(view) {
    var me = this,
  11. As well in 4.1.2 there are issues with locked columns and Checkbox Selection Model

    1. It does generate 2 checkboxes in the beginning of Locked part of grid (one is checked for some reason)

  12. sorry screwed attachments

    yes 4.1.1
  13. 38243
  14. I don't know what you see but I see one checkbox column at the beginning and second checkbox column after name
  15. It has been like this since 4.0
  16. Unfortunately not. And I reduced my locked columns to 2 and normal columns to 5 and it gives me popup fornormal grid even for 300 lines.
    I put this around load:
  17. Hi Scott,

    It seems for me that this script is caused by loops somewhere inside core ExtJS during rendering.
    I have grid with locked columns . 2 of them locked and about 30 unlocked. If I have...
  18. Yes. I am trying to use extjs\resources\themes\images\default\tree\loading.gif
  19. Hi

    I am trying to change iconCls for button that just clicked in handler (to show some kind of 'loading' icon telling user that something going on). But nothing changes until handler is finished....
  20. With dynamically loaded version there are no exceptions or warning, all perfectly fine.

    But when I put everything in one file there I start to have missing required class issues.
  21. Hi

    WHen I use Ext.loader it works fine but when I create js file that includes all classes in one file I have error "Missing required class". I probably missing some settings. Could you help me...
  22. Well, it was in documentation starting 4.0. There was a hope that locked treegrid would make it to 4.1. Now they say it is not for 4.1.x... Huge blow :(
  23. I am not calling any removeAll

    I have clearOnLoad:true
    and I call store.load({node: node})
  24. Any ideas? Should I post it to support or it is already taken care of?
  25. Any projected dates for 4.2?
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