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  1. Hi,
    i would like to ask how to show and hide vertical scroll bar on grid when the mouse enter on above the grid (showing the scroolbar) and hide it when the mouse leave the grid. what listeners...
  2. Hi,
    i would like to create data store but i intend didn't set the model. the type reader is Json.. I want the model automatically read from server side.. my codes like this

    x = new...
  3. thanks!. it working properly now.
  4. i have tried replace minListWidth with minWidth. but it does not working. it property make width of the combo raise as minWidth value....
  5. Great. Thanks so much for your help ZachG!
  6. Hi,
    I'd like to set minListWidth property on combobox but i could't found it property in Ext 4.
    what the name of property on Ext 4 that same function as minListWidth like on Ext 3?

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    hi guys, i have problem to setValue on ComboBox using JsonStore
    my script
    cstore = new{
    url: ajax_url+"ajax/ajax.absence.php",
    root: 'results',
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    method: 'POST',
    url: ajax_url+"ajax/ajax.absence.php",
    success: function(a,b){
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