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  1. Thanks, I see I have the same issue as this thread

    I got some...
  2. Anyone point me in the direction of an example that shows the recommended approach to using the MVC pattern to hook up events in controllers as well as add views dynamically to the Navigation View...
  3. I tried using

    this.mylist = Ext.create(Bsl.view.MyPortfolioList);

    but I...
  4. I think this thread is the same problem.
    I am going to try removing autoCreate and use...
  5. I used autoCreate in the refs config for creating these views.
    In the navigationview example I noticed it uses Ext.Create() and it works fine.
    In the navigationview example it uses code
  6. I have a problem when using the back button on a navigation view which host other views.
    On initial creation of the views the events in the controller fire fine but after tapping on the back button...
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    Just a thought on your issue.
    Are you sure the request to fetch the static json file is successful?

    Does it work fine with inline data?

    The reason I am asking is that I have the same issue...
  8. SenchaTouch is currently designed to work on webkit browsers at the moment so use Safari and Chrome.

    I think you may get many answers to this but I would play around with the examples and then...
  9. As far as I can tell you can't. There is no Msg class in the API. If you are looking for a similar effect look at the overlay example and add button items to it.
  10. I had the same issue when using the TabPanel. I realised that the css for the TabPanel example was selecting the inner elements of the card bodies. I commented these lines out:

    /* ...
  11. You are calling the setCard method on the troubleCard object which is a standard js object and not an Ext component so the setCard method is undefined.
    If it helps I used Chrome developer console...
  12. I knocked up an example of a .NET web service taking an AJAX call and sending back JSON in the response and populating the ColumnTree extension.
    I used the previously mentioned override for dealing...
  13. I compared your json against the example and the example json has a uiProvider property and a children property which contains an array of objects?

    task:'ColumnTree Example',
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    Saki I often read Smashing Magazine and I noticed they had an attack on their blog server which uses wordpress.
    In fact in their blog post they reckoned it was to do with an outdated WP plugin or an...
  15. have you got an online working example?
  16. have you got an example of where it is failing?
    Is your json response in the correct format?
  17. In your contoller specify that the Action is of type JsonResult.
    Example below

    public JsonResult Update(string custRef) {

    var cust...
  18. @StyleWarz

    Can you post your JSON response
    There was another post just like this but it wasnt followed through
    I suspected on this one that the response was not correctly structured.
  19. what happens when you set success:true?
  20. Have a look at the write event for the store
    There is an example on how it is used
  21. This post points to another solution which could be an option as well. The solution is below and uses the panels render event to the get the updater object and custom render the response.

  22. Have you had a look at the autoLoad config option of the Panel class.
    If you don't want to update on render you could retrieve the updater using the getUpdater method and use the returned updater...
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    Agreed, but we won't tell the client that :)
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    Ok I see what you are getting at, maybe I was getting carried away by the quality of what the Ext guys have produced to date and current desktop IDEs. Maybe one for further down the line. I can still...
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    Never having been involved in developing an application like this, I would not know what would be classed as too much.

    I thought this might be very useful for all the existing Ext JS code that has...
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