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    Well, after reading many threads about downloading and more, I found a solution bases on this thread and jrh's message (#34) [URL=""].
    First of...
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    Thank you mankz. I wrote something wrong about ie7. I know that's not work. But in all case the utf-8 issue is not due to the kind of browser. Maybe the encoding. I'd try many things, but nothing...
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    Hi All,

    Animal, Thanks for this great extension.

    I get an issue with utf-8 encoding. If I have a word like this one 'Cr
  4. Thank you Tintin for this great Extension and also to you Pibos for your improvement.
    Pibos, there is something wrong if you don't set 'value' config option. Ext.ux.Boxselect throws an exception. I...
  5. Shame on me !
    The error came from the mime type used into the script tag of my php page. I wrote 'application/javascript' instead of 'text/javascript'. FF support this syntax but IE not.

    Bad line...
  6. Hi All,

    I encounter a little problem about the display of a page with IE :s . I have a simple js page with this code (draws a BorderLayout) :


  7. I understand now how the link is done.

    Thanks for you example.

  8. Thank you rvent for your answer. I understand your point of view about use an object rather than an inline declaration. But, how we include the combobox object within the formpanel. I don't see any...
  9. Hi All,

    I'm playing with Combobox and FormPanel. I use 2 ways to create an Combobox :
    1 - with xtype : 'combo'
    2 - new Ext.form.ComboBox({...

    var issueForm = new Ext.FormPanel({...
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