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  1. Fixed

    Thank you! Now it works!

    needed to add a listener :'load', this.onLoad, this);

    and then an event:

    onLoad: function(store, records, successful, operation, options) {
  2. Example

    hmm, not sure how to use it. Could you make an example? would be awesome!
  3. Image example


    so under the column Planerad aktivitet (nextPlannedActivity) the value is equal 0 that's why there is no value in the cell. same for Tidrapport(missingTimeReports) the "value" is null so...
  4. Correction

    Value1 (missingTimeReportWeeks)
    value2 (nextPlannedActivitySubject)
  5. remove row if value1 is 0 and value2 is null

    Hi! I want to remove a row in a grid if value1= 0 and value2= null.

    This is my columns:

    xtype: 'gridcolumn',
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