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  1. There are some features (ok, the Triton theme with font-awesome) that I would really like to use. I played a little with Webstorm and the plug in, however, even with all the missing features that a...
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    Can't say for others, but my clients don't want a "view" of their data (which, arguably, can be done on a tablet, even though the screen is smaller, but my clients are sitting at their desk, in...
  3. when I run:

    sencha generate app --ext --classic --theme-name Triton TeleManagement ./TeleManagement

    I get a zillion errors looking for files that start with underscore, like this:

  4. I converted a small Ext 5 app to 6. After building, etc. etc. when I try to run the development version, it fails loading the "app"-all.css. Its not in the build/development/appname/resource...
  5. I still have 0.3.323. Is this the latest?

  6. It astounds me that the caps lock bug (only on Macs, so perhaps they figure its not REALLY important) got re-introduced about 5 months ago and has not been fixed yet! Can that really take more than...
  7. I thought I read that we would see bug fixes more frequently. Guess that was just my imagination. Darn. Would be nice to see bug fixes (forget the new features) at least more than once a month...
  8. I figured it out. When I created my record from the model, I made one of the properties an object instead of a scalar. All is good now.Thanks
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    1st, YES, people (like me!) are making $$$ building client server replacements. that will ONLY run on a desktop. (Order Entry, Inventory, etc. etc.

    1/. Fashion for theming - if you have...
  10. I an update, but if I perform
    store.insert(0, record)

    I get the Range error: Maximum call stack size exceeded
    with following over and over:

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    Assuming that I am "ONLY" writing desktop systems (no need for mobile, tablets, etc.) what does V6 offer that I will be missing if I build my data-centric app in V5?


  12. I know all of the many advantage that each editor has. However my question is,

    What is the difference of the code that SA generates vs. the code that using an editor with the plugin will...
  13. and I thought it was just me: The only quote that addressed pricing was: "Sencha believes our feature-rich SDKs and the inherent distribution rights of our license provide our users a huge amount...
  14. Humm, with Marketing now participating in the forum, perhaps there should be a new section. "Talk to Marketing". However, I do have a question that perhaps the Marketing Dept can pass on up to the...
  15. I am asking them here, since I am sure more than one person is interested in the answers

    1) I see there are now 3 "levels" Standard, Pro and Premium. Since I just renewed my "Sencha Complete"...
  16. the directAPI is called and loaded before the application init is called. So there is no way for me to hook into this. (umm, perhaps would be a good feature to ADD to the next version!)

  17. Hello boys and girls of all ages...

    I am using node and ext direct. Therefore, I have a Direct Resource with a url that looks like: http://localhost:3300/directapi.

    The problem is, that when I...
  18. Since this WAS fixed in a prior version... and broken in the last release. I just "assumed" that this would have been low lying fruit and easy-peasy to fix.

    Guess not!

    However, it IS...
  19. Its sort of funny, Peeps @ Sencha must think we just fell off of the fruit truck. They last came out with a version of SA that was KNOWN to have bugs. Its been MONTHS and no fixes. so I assume that...
  20. its what I mean..
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    for 3), in Loopback if you have a complex where clause (customerType = 'Q' or total - payment > 0 and (managerFlag = true and .....) its hard to right.For 5) now, I am confused. I want to script a...
  22. Since Most (if not ALL) of the SA team has left, Gary, can you tell me WHO will be doing the development of the shiny new version of SA?

    You tell us that it is still an important product, so...
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    After spending some quality time with loopback and plain old node with express, I have opted for Express. Some of the reasons are:

    1) Speed. Larger queries are about 30% faster

    2) I use...
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    Simon, I don't work for Sencha, so I can not tell you what WILL or WON'T be supported in the future, BUT I think the SA team has all left, when Version 6 is released, there will be the IntelliJ plug...
  25. OK, they did say it the best:

    Is there anybody in there?
    Just nod if you can hear me.
    Is there anyone at home?

    I notice that Gary S. is the only one answering posts re: SA. I don't...
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