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    [FIXED] I'm looking for the same thing

    I agree. I need to retrieve all the stores as well.
  2. ExtJs5 solution?

    I assume this solution was demonstrated for ExtJs 4.x. Did ExtJs 5.x make any changes to make metadata more accessible and available? Or is this still the best code to use in ExtJs 5?
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    I have the same warnings as well and don't know how to get rid of them. Has anybody found a reason for this or a fix? Anything more?
  4. [FIXED] unable to find workaround

    So far, I have not been able to find a workaround. Anyone have any ideas on this?
  5. [FIXED] Thank you for coming up with an example so...

    Thank you for coming up with an example so quickly. I was working on it, but I have a complex environment so an example can take some time to separate out from the rest of the code.
  6. [FIXED] setTitle error for a gauge series polar chart

    Using ExtJs 5.0.1. A gauge series for a polar chart only defines a single field. However, when I try to change the title in the series using setTitle(...), I get an error that me.getYField() is null....
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    I am getting this watermark as well. I downloaded...

    I am getting this watermark as well. I downloaded Sencha Complete from Sencha support site. I installed architect from that package. I had to get an authorization code from Sencha which I...
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    Our environemnt right now only uses 4.2.1. We...

    Our environemnt right now only uses 4.2.1. We cannot upgrade to 4.2.2 yet as we are very near a release and cannot risk our product. I will try on 4.2.2 after we upgrade to that.

    I am seeing the...
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    I have found another occurrence where wrapping...

    I have found another occurrence where wrapping occurs, but this seems to be less picky about the length of the string for the wrap/truncation problem.

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    MessageBox wrap/truncation problem

    In ExtJs 4.2.1, I appear to have found a bug. In MessageBox, if the msg is a particular length, the message will be wrapped, but the height of the dialog will not get adjusted. This results in the...
  11. Me too, but totalCount must be a multiple of pageSize

    I am getting the same error. I traced it down to having the problem only when the page size is a multiple of total count. For instance, if my pageSize = 25, and if the data I load (does not matter...
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