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    Once again, this is 100% not true. Just because something is "highly recommended" does not make it required. It's 100% optional but recommended due to all the stuff it does.

    This is one reason why...
  2. Thanks for your reply Mitchell, that helps. What theme are you using? You did not do anything special to make buttons bigger etc?

    It may simply be my age. I watched small devices become useless...
  3. I was not able to just drop it in place, but yes, it works great.
  4. @loiane: Impressive, thank you.

    Ran across these recently:

    Indeed it is...
  5. Now using Ext 5.1.0 Cmd v5.1.2.52. Attempting to put this excellent do-dah into a package.

    There's an issue with Item.config

    I can fix it by referencing through the config property (see the...
  6. Thank you Chris.

    Beware asking if any progress, that also costs an X credit.
  7. Try adding ./ext/packages/core/src/class to the path?

    I'm not able to test here and now.
  8. Just guessing here, I notice new verbiage for overrides in package.json

    * Comma-separated string with the paths of directories or files to search. Any classes
    * declared in...
  9. I have never seriously explored touch.

    Now that I can build a universal app, I'm looking harder.

    I did the basic demo template and hauled out an iPad Mini.

    Tapping is not a satisfying...
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    Wasn't there a place for reporting errata in the docs?

    I just bled for this :
  11. Can I buy a vowel please? I can't find a syntax that sencha will accept for this.

    * * *
    Rich Waters wrote a comment on this at...
  12. Well gosh darn that was the point of the exercise.
    I mis-clicked or unzipped the wrong baggie, I dunno.
    Thank you for your eyes.

    While I have your attention, may I ask, is the following...
  13. Download latest. Sencha Cmd v6.0.0.92 Ext 6.0
    Create workspace
    Create app

    Right about where "Unhandled error" shows up there is a minute-long pause. Then failure.

    Looks like...
  14. Because that doesn't answer the question? ;)

    Yes yes good to have alternates. But also nice to just use what is given without having to ask for support.

    <?xml version="1.0"...
  15. Something like this might help.

    * Figure out a relative path prefix to use as a root path.
    * Make it available to the world as MYAPP.basepath
    var p =...
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    In particular I am struggling with a toolbar now.

    Do we have to throw away all the toolbar goodness now, because the items won't stack?

    Can't change vbox to/from hbox in a responsive config?
  17. The trick for mac is to install the JDK, not the JRE.

    It may be Cmd can use the JRE, and we could set a PATH.

    But because we are all enterprise now, we teams of IT people taking care of...
  18. What would be good to know is what other elements of the tool chain might disappear.

    I never heard of SASS before 4.x Now I have adopted it. Now it is literally out of fashion. Now I have to...
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    More details here

    Thank you Gary and tkg for clearing that up.

    Sorry I was confused and gun shy.

  20. "Licensing and pricing questions should be directed at our Sales team, whom you can reach by using our contact form"

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    Thanks Gary. There is no question.

    It was a cry of shock and surprise.

    I thought we were done with this.

    It would have been a kindness to be up front about it when the big ole thread was...
  22. Yes but.

    Many sencha employees have been helpful in the forums, but that's not making or breaking my development.

    Certainly my portal experience has left me gun-shy. I'm not "spending" my...
  23. There's an obvious exception going on here.

    It's reasonable to hope that another rat has found a decent life boat.
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    Got this in the mail today:

    "Buy Ext JS or Sencha Complete in June, and you’ll get access to exciting new features, including the merged framework, JetBrains IDE plugins, and enhanced theming...
  25. Anyone know how to get rid of it?
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