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  1. Well, calling a prototype directly is not a good solution, in my opinion ... I'd rather be able to call the controller instance directly.
    To accomplish this, the only solution I've found is...
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    Good, thank you
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    This piece of code works:

    viewConfig: {
    getRowClass: function(record){
    return record.get('something') === 'x' ? 'red' : 'green';
  4. Yes, it works correctly now, thank you!

    Obviously it's the same problem. Thank you too.
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    How can I change a row's CSS class inside a Ext.grid.Panel based on each record data?
    I tried configuring the grid with the getRowCls function, but it's not supported, I tried using the RowBody...
  6. Any suggestions?
    Or, someone knows a good porting of the old Ext JS 3.x Ext.ux.Notification plugin?

    Thank you
  7. The grids are giving problems also when I use the width parameter on columns. That makes a great mess, with overlapping or invisible columns in the grid ...
  8. Hello,
    I am realizing a panel which uses the accordion layout, and each item has to contain a grid view.
    This is the code that I'm using for defining the main view (MVC approach):

  9. Cool demo ... but it does not show how to port the old animShow and animHide functions in the new structure, since them both seem not to be there any more.

    Any suggestions? How can I handle...
  10. Did the new Ext.window.Window class drop the animShow/animHide functions?

    I am trying to port the Ext.ux.Notification plugin to ExtJS 4 but no animation is working for me ...
  11. Probably the real question is: how can I access the instance of my application?
    Could I access it, I would be able to reach its inner 'controllers' parameter, and probably it all will work correctly...
  12. Sorry, I cannot find the Application.js you are referring to.
    By the way, using the 'statics' way, I can no more access all the private methods built through the 'refs' option. What a mess ...
  13. Probably not ... The best solution I can think of now is to define some methods within the 'statics' property, so that they are publicly accessible. But since a controller gets instantiated by the...
  14. Hi Steffen,
    using the Chrome console, I can reach the controller (eg. Dsa.controller.Map), but I cannot use methods on it.


    Ext.define('Dsa.controller.Map', {
  15. Hello,
    I've started working on a large project, that I want to build using just Ext JS 4 for the front-end.
    I am studying and trying how the MVC framework works and I am stuck in a simple problem:...
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