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  1. try something like:

    sencha generate app test ../apps/src/test3
  2. Thanks for the solution.

    I also noticed that the touch folder was copied when the app was generated so added the following at the top of app.js and it worked for me:

  3. when is the next release coming out?
  4. I'm having serious performance issues with my ST2 app on Android 2.1 with a Cricket/Huawei phone.
    My app works great on IOS and it only has 22 classes broken down as follows:

    1 controller.
  5. thanks.
  6. How do I update the store of a list that was initialized from the initialize() method of Ext.Container?

    I'd like to replace the store from the controller.

    The store that I want to change...
  7. FilipeMaia,

    Thanks for pointing this out.

    I hope that the issue has been fixed in Sencha 2.0.

    I have released my app, Future Value of Money, on the App Store and the Android Market:
  8. any ideas on this?
  9. Currently when I change the orientation of my device (iPhone or iPad), the panel does not completely resize to the new device orientation.

    How would I go about resizing the panel when the device...
  10. Thanks. This worked great!
  11. any updates on this, please?
  12. any ideas on this?
  13. I need help capturing the change event of spinnerfield.

    I would expect that the change event would be triggered when the user clicks on the minus(-) or plus(+) sign, but for some reason I'm not...
  14. Jack9, thanks a million for your assistance. Your suggestion works as expected.
  15. any updates on this issue?
  16. thanks
  17. Well, the screenshot I posted was from a iphone running IOS 4.2. On the JQM mobile of the same app, using field type of number, works as expected by displaying the numeric keyboard.
  18. I'm testing this on iPhone 4.2 and iPad 5.0 and both display the letters keyboard. Below is a screenshot for your reference:
  19. I would like to default spinnerfield so that the numeric keyboard shows up when entering entry manually. At the moment when the keyboard shows up when manually updating values for spinnerfield, it...
  20. I would like to load a new panel when a button is clicked. How do I do this in Sencha Touch?

    below is what I have so far:

    // homecard.js:
    // When the button is clicked from here, I would...
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