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    not looking exact anwer.. any pointer?
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    hi all

    I am calling a java servlet which takes a while to respond. I want a progress bar / message shown until i have the response from servlet. Some how getting confused how to use this feature....
  3. hi all

    i am using editorgridpanel.
    when i change any value in any cell, it doesn't show the new value when i take focus out of the cell. but when i sort columns, is shows the new value.

  4. Hi all

    i am using CheckboxSelectionModel with a grid. Based on some conditions, only few rows of my grid are selectable.
    I want to change colour/backgroud/masking of the check boxes which users...
  5. any suggestoin? would heighly appreciate.
  6. Hi All

    Please have a look at the attached picture.
    Grid cell only allows ROW BASED editing. But if you see the Cell, its height is much more than editor row height. Is there any way we can...
  7. damm!! didn't say store.load()

  8. hi all

    I am calling a servlet URL to serve data for Grid, data I can see coming correctly but some how its not getting rendered.

    When I assign same data to a variable and specify that variable...
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    is there any way we can force user to enter something in a cell of grid.

    basically we have grids with several columns and some of the column cells must have values before form is saved.

  10. I have several numeric fields with decimalPrecision set but when i put those fields, i only get numbers like 12.2345 (only 4 numbers after decimal point)

    any suggestion?
  11. hi all

    we are trying to store date control value in our database field. but some how it is storing like this


    but we only want

  12. Hi All

    I have a grid json store like this:

    this.grdStore = this.createGridStore( 'employeeDrid',
    {name: 'recordId', type:'int'},
    {name: 'empId',...
  13. How can I force user only select dates until yesterday? using date field

    Ext.apply(Ext.form.VTypes, {
    daterange : function(val, field) {
    var date = field.parseDate(val);

  14. hi all

    what is the way of putting space between items of a form panel.
    i.e. i have 3 buttons on a form panel, i can have padding:5 to provide space between form border and buttons but

  15. hi all

    I have Folder names like

    "001 - Folder1"
    "002 - Folder1"
    "003 - Folder1"
    "003 - Folder1"
    "331 - Folder1"
  16. hi all

    I have a button, how can I call a URL on click of it.
    This button is part of a form panel.

    lets say I want to open on click of it
  17. Hi experts, please have a look if you have time.
  18. Hi All

    here is my form panel. I just want a simple thing that all control i need in 1 line nicely.
    I have taken this code from examples and I think I am missing something.

    When this renders,...
  19. thank you!
  20. hi all

    i am using layout:'fit' for my form panel.
    it is taking care of width but not the length.

    it doesn't display all the fields the form has.

    anything am i missing here?
  21. hi all

    I am adding a grid like this dynamically in Tab Panel

    var tab1 = Ext.getCmp('availableEmployeeTab');

    Same way...
  22. thanks!
  23. Thanks for reply.

    I tried this but at run time the URL is not getting changed.
    - What URL should i specify initially

    Here is the complete code.

    var tabs = new Ext.TabPanel({
  24. Hi all

    i have this tab panel and every tab has different set of data coming as servlet response.

    On click of a button I need to set data store for this grid. I am struggling to refer this grid....
  25. hi all

    i have a foem panel and inside that i have a tab panel with several tabs.

    every tab has long data to display. i want to FORM PANEL to have scroll bar if the height is more than the form...
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