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    "This sort of resolve the issue for now."

    For me, this resolves the issue of the TabBar being pushed up, but instead it pushes up other content by roughly the height of the TabBar -- the title...
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    Sencha version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.1
    Sencha Touch 2.2
  3. Also seeing this in Chrome for iOS 28.0.1500.16.

    Shouldn't you be able to apply the above styles using a CSS selector like (untested):

    .x-chrome.x-ios .x-tabbar.x-docked-bottom {
  4. I never noticed this before, but recently installed the developer preview of iOS 7 (GM), and am seeing this behavior. Am also seeing it in Chrome (29) on Android (4.2.2).

    It still works as...
  5. I'm using ST 2.1. I have a response with custom headers (which I can see in Chrome console), and I'm trying to retrieve them using response.getResponseHeader() in the success callback for...
  6. Ok, I have a solution. Bummed I didn't find this earlier, but this appears to work. Create the view for the map, and never destroy it, just hide it (otherwise you will eventually get a memory leak,...
  7. I have tried going back to the approach of destroying the container after it is popped from the nav view, and after about 20 - 25 map views, the app consistently crashes (it's a PhoneGap app). This...
  8. Nevermind, it seems to be working now (putting the fonts ruled directly into app.scss). I must have been looking at a cached version. Thanks for your help.

    Is there more documentation of Cmd 3.1...
  9. Found the solution to this one: create a custom component. The initialize event you see above was defined on a component within an items list of another component:

    xtype: 'container',
  10. That file contains some fonts embedded in data urls. If I just put those @font-face rules into app.scss, Sencha Cmd also ignores those, whereas Compass Watch minifies them with the rest of the CSS. ...
  11. In my app.scss I have:

    @import 'fonts/sourcesanspro.css';

    With Sencha Cmd 3.0, this would be included at the beginning of the compressed app.css when creating a package build. Same if I used...
  12. I upgraded to the newest version of Sencha Cmd (, but that didn't help.
  13. I have this on a component in a Sencha Touch 2.1 app:

    initialize: function() {
    this.relayEvents(this.element, ['tap', 'drag']);

    And then I catch...
  14. Thanks for the reply. Originally I did destroy it, and did not have this problem. However, when I was tracking down a memory issue, I discovered that the Google Maps object is never destroyed. This...
  15. It shouldn't matter much. Mainly you will just want something that can easily send back JSON responses (you can also use XML if you want). You may want to look at the documentation for
  16. I have a very simple Ext.Container that contains a Google Map. I use this map for different pieces of content, and because Google Map objects are not destroyed when the container is destroyed...
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    Check this thread for a possible solution by cwelk.
  18. I'm having an issue with Ext.Audio.setUrl() in Android 2.3 browser. I've seen others have this issue as well, but I haven't found a solution yet. I have an audio element like this in my view's items:...
  19. Thanks for posting that video, Websteria. Any progress on resolving this? The workaround (turning off title bar animation) is really not a great solution.
  20. Thanks for your reply. So, ugh, it looks like I finally solved this problem, but I don't understand the solution, which bothers me.

    My Ext.application.launch() method looked like this:

  21. I'm working on an app that looks fine iOS and other browsers I've tried, but in Android 2.3 browser the height of the scrollable content (basically everything in the app) is just a few pixels. I can...
  22. Also having this problem. If you use sencha app build package, everything works fine. With sencha app build production, external libraries are not available.

    I'm using ST 2.1 with Cmd 3.0
  23. Removing cordova.js reference from app.json solved my problem. Strange, because earlier versions of cordova would load fine alongside ST 2 in mobile browsers. Also strange that it works in desktop...
  24. Also having this problem. Posted a question on StackOverflow.

    The app will load in desktop browsers (at least Chrome and Safari for Mac). Also works in native (phonegap) wrapper.

    But all mobile...
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    on Stack Overflow:

    I think I'll need to deal with this on the PhoneGap end.
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