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  1. Hi folks,

    has anyone already seen if this has been implemented now that 4.1 is final?

    Thanks a bundle
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    This meetup was a huge success. 12 participants, partly international, partly local. We saw some of the participants' ongoing projects in action and could share knowledge and experience on all things...
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    I'll be there, too: Feb, Wed 15, 2012. We've also told the participants of this week's Sencha Training in Munich to attend the meetup. See you on Wednesday.
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    I'll be there no matter if on Friday or on Thursday or Wednesday. I'm looking forward to it :)
    EDIT: See you on Wednesday!
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    Justin, I'm sure you've helped a lot of people, including myself, thanks a lot. I'm just walking over the code a little, and have just one very small question: In widget.CustomerEdit you define the...
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    Feb 17, 2012 sounds good. The thing is: That is also the last day of the "Fast Track to Ext JS 4 Training + Sencha Designer" training that Sencha are giving in the Munich Area. I'm quite sure tobiu...
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    Hi gauravbdubey,

    I'd start by taking a look at as a starting point.

    Best regards
  8. Everything will be easy: Enter through the main entrance, walk through that glass corridor to your right, then you'll already see the mentioned attached signpost :) The attached signpost will point...
  9. Maybe you'll get more attention for this topic when posting this to the "Open Discussion" board. This board is about events, meetups and other general topics of interest to the Sencha Community.
  10. Hi folks,

    just a last reminder: Tomorrow our (your!) Sencha Meetup takes place, see the first post of this thread. We'll have good talks (as always), beer, pizza, and Sencha T-Shirts.

    BTW: Is...
  11. The giveaway T-shirts for next week's @SenchaMUC #meetup have arrived. They're really nice! Thanks to James Pearce, our developer relations manager at Sencha, who organized this for us!

  12. Very nice, so far we are at least five people. Who else is in?
  13. Hey folks,
    it's now only 11 days to go until our third Munich area meetup in Hallbergmoos near Munich airport. It would be really cool if you could all give a short statement if you're attending or...
  14. DiscoBoy, ok, we'll drink an alcohol-free beer for you. Thanks for letting us know.
  15. Hello to all,

    today, we're only 30 days away from the 3rd Sencha Meetup in the Munich area. Please save the date (September 16, 2011) and maybe talk to each other concerning transportation. (For...
  16. Hi everyone!

    we're currently experiencing some problems in changing this thread's title for the next meetup. For information on the third Sencha Meetup in the Munich Area please follow this link...
  17. Dear community,

    The third Sencha meetup in Germany's Munich area will take place on September 16, 2011, at 19:30 (NOT 18:30). This time it'll take place in Hallbergmoos, very very close to Munich...
  18. We're proud to tell everyone here that we've had the second Sencha Meetup in Munich, Germany, just yesterday. We were 10 people this time. Hey, that's a 150% growth within the seven weeks since our...
  19. Thanks again for yesterday's nice meetup! We were 10 people this time. Hey, that's a 150% growth within seven weeks. That means we're growing faster than Sencha Inc. itself does. Guess they need to...
  20. For the markus part, i hereby confirm and will maybe (50%) will bring a colleague with me. I've been offline deliberately for five days because i don't have a mobile data plan that covers the...
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    Same here (and no, my browser locales do NOT include Japanese ;)). Strange though that it only affects Google Chrome on my machine. And that the forum keeps re-appearing visually scrambled every time...
  22. As tobiu already said: something in between. The last (first) meetup was like this: We were 4 people discussing various ExtJS topics for about two hours in a conference room, discussing ExtJS and...
  23. Just as a reminder: Sencha meetup in Munich is three weeks from now :)
  24. Hi idefix,
    of course you're explicitly welcome, sure! For my part, I haven't worked with 4.x so far either, and I know at least one of the participants of the last meetup who hasn't any real-world...
  25. Hey up there in Hamburg,
    when is your next meetup? :)
    Best regards
    mw (#SenchaMuc)
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