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  1. Hello,
    How can I specify extensions for file upload. For example,
    a user can only upload images, so he/she will be able to select only those files that have extensions like
    'gif', 'jpg', etc.
  2. Replies
    How to define custom LoadMask for gridPanel? I cant find loadMask config.
    I tried using loader config specifying its loadMask config. However, it didnt work.
    How to override defauld...
  3. Hello,
    In paging toolbar api there is no doLoad() method like in Ext3 despite that it is written in ext-all-debug file.
    In turn paging is done via the corresponding store's loadPage() method.
  4. Hi,
    In a grid when I try to sort columns the rowNumberer is sorted as well, numbers are tied to certain rows and when sorting is in descending order the numbers get messy, with repeatitions.
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