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    Hi All,

    How do I create 'rich' cell content that is a product of Ext JavaScript constructs?

    What I want to do is something like this:

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    As one of your tabpanel items. All following tabpanel items will be right-aligned.

    { // Fill all available space
    tabConfig : {
    xtype : 'tbfill'
  3. I think this is an even better way - set the store autoLoad to true, and write a callback which populates the form when the store has finished loading.

  4. This is the controller code. The view is populated in the store.load callback - so we know the store has definitely finished loading.

    extend :...
  5. I have now wired my store up to a server as follows.

    But the solution shown above is no longer working, because at the time the afterrender is fired, the store has not yet loaded.

    How can I...
  6. Hi Folks,

    I've spent 3 days trying to produce a form which is pre-populated with data from a Store. I'm using Ext JS 4.1.1 MVC. I've read a whole heap of tutorials, forums posts, eBooks as well...
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    My boss would buy the Eclipse plugin right now if it were standalone.
  8. Just add menu items to a tab. Set the content for that tab to be a container with a card layout. Add handlers to the menu items to set the active card. Add a CSS theme.

    NB. This has only been...
  9. Thanks Skirtle, that worked. Seems my thinking had got a bit blinkered.

    FYI, the 'q' parameter is how Apache Solr exploses its RESTful API.
  10. Hi Folks,

    I am able to pass parameters along with data store.load request as follows.

    params :
    q : 'ShortDescription:Cheese'
  11. Thanks Evant, that will solve any future issues re-branding the app without needing to touch the JavaScript.

    I have confirmed that this code will correctly display the image as expected.

  12. Thanks for the reply.

    This behaviour would cause trouble when we want to re-brand an Ext JS app using different sized logos.

    But I guess in this case, we can just rely on CSS to define the size...
  13. Hi All,

    I'm just starting out with Ext JS 4. I have found that if include an image in a container, then I must supply image width and height configs otherwise the image won't be rendered...
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