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    1. Thanks for the links, I was just encountering the same situation as the OP and am glad that the version are at least available "somewhere".

    2. Please somebody tell me, that this really is not...
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    I think your points are valid if you speak of a commercial application that has not the claim to be "open source" (with free as in speech and beer).
    To me Ext is now for the most part...
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    First of all: I can
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    First of all:

    trbs, thanks for this cool user extension!
    This is exactly what I needed! (I know about all of the arguments about the Use Case for pushing all of the data onto the client at once...
  5. Hi everybody,

    i am looking (for quite some time now) for a way, to change the default color of a selected row within the grid. Right now (just like in the examples), the color of the selected rows...
  6. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

    This works just fine for me! :)
  7. Hi everybody,

    sorry to bring this topic up once again.
    I have the same issue. But:

    Where do i have to change the reference to a local one?
    Should I "search and replace" for all of the...
  8. Thanks for the hint tryanDLS, a search for "BLANK_IMAGE_URL" through the forum pointed me out to the code update i had to do.

    It now works like a charm without internet connection.
  9. Hi there,

    i am using Ext.1.0 and have build some nice looking Tabs, which should run as part of a stand-alone software (no internet access).

    Howeber whenever I load the page with the tabs. An...
  10. Yeah, I have the same problem.

    I already posted it here:

    among the code sample, which produces this output... i don
  11. Hi tryanDLS and everybody else,

    yeah that
  12. Ok here is how it is done:

    Thank you forum :)
  13. Hi everybody,

    I just converted an old plain and boring HTML Combo Box of mine into a new Ext Combo Box, using the:

    "transform : String/HTMLElement/Element ComboBox"

    Method of Class...
  14. Yeah, I agree with you Animal. However my table has LOTS of columns (e.g.25) and when stuffing in 1000 rows all at once the rendering takes a lot of time. So paging with 50 or so shown on one page is...
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    Good Luck with the decision.

    Whatever it becomes in the end, I´m with Integer and jonathanfreeman on this one: Being able to bundle Ext with a commercial, non-toolkit application free of charge...
  16. Thank you very much Animal, that helps a lot, I´ll try as you told me.
  17. Thanks for the answer.

    Can anybody confirm, that local paging is not supported? I mean it´s almost working as far as the footer navigation goes.

    And, if local paging is not supported, can one...
  18. Hello,

    i want to page the contents of a Java Script array with 50 rows (no server side paging here) directly on the client, showing the array in pages of 15 entries.

    My problem now is, that the...
  19. Thanks for your input on this.

    JeffHowden, your approach sounds good. However, I thought that with the properties I named above, my live could be made easier without explicitely coding this.
  20. Hi once again,

    i haven´t figured it out until now how to keep selection within a paging grid and am quite desperate by now. :?
    I guess it is a quite common task to keep selections as the user...
  21. Thanks Jeff, I downloaded the latest Alpha and used Ext.Grid.allowTextSelectionPattern the way you mentioned.

    It works great!! Ext is so cool.

    However, unfortunately I can only select Text in...
  22. Thanks for your answers.

    I haven´t found the Ext.Grid.allowTextSelectionPattern in the docs... is this only part of the Ext 1.0 release? Can I find the docs to this somewhere?

    @jack: can you...
  23. Hello everybody,

    sorry to ask again, but i´ve scanned through numerous entries within the forum but haven´t found any idea on how to enable copy/paste of cell-data within the grid.

    I think it´s...
  24. Hi everybody,

    is there any way that i can Copy And Paste single rows/data fields from a YUI-EXT grid?
    You know in the same way, that i can also copy and paste data within a regular HTML <Table>...
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    I am also in the position that costs for licencsing would kill the use of ext in my project, so i would also have to look further. Money for an optional "paid" support/maintainance option would be...
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