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  1. As seen in this demo:

    When I click values in the legend to prevent them from displaying, the pie area associated with the bottom most...
  2. In BorderLayoutContainer, I have added a panel widget with borderLayoutData.

    If use the below BorderLayoutData, when I click the north border, the float of the widget is not displayed:

  3. For your purpose, have you tried using a VerticalLayoutContainer? It seems your spacing issue is because your NorthSouthContainer is resizing to the parent size. If I want to guarantee 50/50 split...
  4. That's strange. I don't have spacing between mine. I have used 3 label widgets in a verticalLayoutContainer.

    VerticalLayoutContainer c = new VerticalLayoutContainer();
    Label label1=...
  5. have you tried setting the layoutData of the toolbars to divide the height between the two toolbars?
  6. Replies
    I'm currently experiencing problems implementing contextual menus for charts. Since charts do not inherit from Component, there is no setContextualMenu exposed. I have attempted to use the...
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