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    Hi all!

    I have different items on each of my itemlist in my list :) I want to put two different handlers accordingly to where the user tap. Here is some code

    listeners: {
  2. HELLLOOOOO!!! Is this code at least working for anyone? :-/
  3. Hi!
    I'm setting up an application with mutiple panels that i call using xtypes. I am setup up on some panels NestedLists to retrieve datas from a file. The things is, my application seems to parse...
  4. Thanks you guys for your help. After hours of debugging and looking for something else to replace Sencha it works. I've put my data into a variable named 'data' that i call within the NestedList as...
  5. Can you suggest me an alternative?
  6. The video has the exact code as below when showing list arguments the first time. I am sorry but i don't understand when you say i should have nested data

    NestedListDemo.music_store = new...
  7. Sorry for that i've been trying different possibilities and i forgot to put back the root line of code. I've just edited it but i still have the same error though. Other suggestions?
  8. Hi!
    I have copied this code from the nestedlist video tutorial and modified it a little. I am having this error :

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
    Here is my...
  9. I've been wondering how come i have this error and i didn't know that order matters. I will check that out and let you know.
  10. The second snippet is the calling one and the first snippet is the called one. Does that reply to your question?
    I actually started to have issues when i splitted my code.
  11. Hi i am having issues with xtypes. In some parts of my code, they are working perfect, but since a couple days i am having big issues trying to implement new one in order to split my code. I get this...
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