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  1. I've just downloaded extjs 3.3 and api docs is not working because of this error:
    this.el is null
    Line 7

    Clicking on the...
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    I vote for this. I also need a way to know which xtypes have been already registered.
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    This is the complete debug stack.

    SWF DEBUG: SWFUpload Init Complete
    SWF DEBUG: SWF DEBUG: ----- SWF DEBUG OUTPUT ---- SWF DEBUG: Build Number: SWFUPLOAD 2.0.2 FP9 2008-01-07 0001 SWF DEBUG:...
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    I'm trying to use fileUploadComplete event to receive an answer from the server but the response parameter is always undefined.

    dlg.on('fileUploadComplete', function(panel, file, response) {
  5. Certainly not. It's a pleasure to give a little help.

  6. Ops, sorry.
    The second time I've pasted the code I forgot the header.
    Here the complete code:

    Code removed by jsakalos as it has been merged to the main stream. Take updated code from the first...
  7. this should work

    Code removed by jsakalos as it has been merged to the main stream. Take updated code from the first post.

    I think that is impossible to disable the a element (cbEl), so I've...
  8. Is there a way to disable it? I've tried to pass in the config disabled: true, but it doesn't change anything. The component is still alive and responding.
    The same with readOnly: true.
  9. Also if I've seen that this thread has not received so much interest, I will "close" it writing a kind of summary.

    The problem with columns fitting hasn't been resolved. With that panel, as I add...
  10. It's quite long to explain, but I hope it will help to understand where is the problem.
    First of all I've to describe the structure behind my application.

    My main viewport is a border layout with...
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    Brian, I don't want to be polemic. I'm sure every component and example is tested with Safari, but excatly as combining components creating complex structures creates problems and oddities with FF e...
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    I have a Mac with Leopard and let me say that all applications I developed with Ext have problems with Safari.
    Sometimes odd behaviours like -with a card layout- render form fields of a card inside...
  13. Thanks, I've solved it.
    It was a typing error. model: 'local', instead of mode: 'local'.
    Without specifing the mode comboboxes don't load data.
  14. Ok, I'll continue using it then. Is there any place where xtype: 'paging' is usable?

    Any tip to fix this bug (if is a bug...)?
  15. It seems that Firefox doesn't consider columns witdh at all and set all columns to the same default width without fitting and considering personal settings.

    Because I think is a problem related...
  16. This grid was perfect both in IE and FF before to add all the pagination stuff.
    Now columns fitting breaks under FF.

    The code

    var users_store = new{
    url: '<?php echo...
  17. Thanks.
    That was the reason because I wasn't able to use a SimpleStore, but the problem hasn't changed.
    I've changed the code to this

    id: 'profile',
  18. Sorry, I don't understand what are you talking about?
    Typo (model -> mode)? Could you pls tell me where do you see it?
  19. @mystix You're right. I've used that extention, but I thought it wasn't imporant for this issue. I'm using that extension 'cause I don't find and answer to this...
  20. This is the code of my combo. I've tested this issue with triggerAction:'all', triggerAction:'some-event' and also none triggerAction at all, but it doesn't change.

    id: 'profile',...
  21. Hi,
    I have a form with a combobox usign a simplestore:

    id: 'profile',
    name: 'data[Usergroup][profile]',
    xtype: 'combo',
    store: new{
  22. Good tip! Thanks, I'll make a try.

    EDIT: It works. Thanks again.
  23. May I do advance some suggestions to fix this thing. These are changes to Ext code to provide a logic state to the field:

    markInvalid : function(msg){
    if(!this.rendered ||...
  24. Hi,
    I've a formPanel with 2 fields for password and password check.

    name: 'data[User][password]',
    fieldLabel: 'Password',
    invalidText: 'Password non valida',...
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    I want to have a form (BasicForm) inside a Panel tbar. Just to have a textfiled+submit with all the forms' facilities to send and retrieve data.
    Is it possibile? And how?

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