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    I think that the .buildings() method does return all of the places because when I have attempted to display the buildings which I thought I filtered, I still see them, just not filtered in the way I...
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    I can't seem to get either of those methods to work either.

    To give a bit more background info on what I'm trying to do: I've got some data in a JSON file which is loaded into a store. In this...
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    Unfortunately, that didn't work.
    I thought that the .filterBy method for stores was supposed to take a function for filtering, and I tried using that as well, but it didn't work either.
    I placed a...
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    I'm trying to filter a store which comes from the hasMany association of a model.

    var newStore = myStore.buildings(); //get all the buildings associated with myStore. The model associated with...
  5. This ended up being a problem with Chromium. (I was using Chromium, not Chrome. Makes a difference)


    Installed Google Chrome and...
  6. I'm attempting to test my app in Chrome on Ubuntu.
  7. I've been having a bit of trouble recently getting my current location using Ext.util.Geolocation and Ext.device.Geolocation. I used Ext.util.Geolocation to try and get my current location, using...
  8. Didn't work. Navigator.geolocation is supposed to be a standard part of W3's specification.
  9. Main.js:

    Ext.define("GS.view.Main", { extend: 'Ext.Container',

    initialize: function()
    navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition( function(position) { },...
  10. I've been using a store to load a web service that loads data for a list. This web service is located on the same domain as the app. However, I want to get this app on a Phone using PhoneGap, but I...
  11. Okay, another problem actually. I got the web service to return JSON when using Ext.Ajax.request, but I cannot seem to get JSON back when I am using a store's proxy. What I'm trying to do is have...
  12. Figured it out! Had to change params to jsonData.
    Managed to figure it out after a very similar jQuery request worked fine.


    type: "POST",

    contentType: "application/json;...
  13. I'm trying to test out a feature in my app, and need to make a web service. As a test, I've made this:

    <%@ WebService Language="C#" class="GreetingService" %>using System;
    using System.Web;...
  14. If you want a button inside a tpl, you could use a HTML button, or you might want to look into using a DataView and a custom DataItem.
  15. Change:

    layout: 'fit',


    layout: 'vbox',
    flex: 1
  16. You'd be surprised. They accepted an app that was built using PhoneGap and only pointed to an external website and showed that.
    What I've tried doing is using Ext.Loader.setPath, giving that the...
  17. The docs are kind of out dated in this case. The microloader/development.js file goes into the app.json file, finds all the CSS files listed, and loads those. The added CSS they are referring to is...
  18. Thanks, that worked well. Do you know if it says anywhere in the documentation that you can only overwrite initialize when defining a class?
  19. Ext.define("GS.view.Main", { extend: 'Ext.Container',
    xtype: 'main',

    items: [
    xtype: 'list',
    itemTpl: '{name}',
    initialize: function()
  20. If you look at the toolbar attachment I added, I want the button that says 'Search Schools' to be in the middle of the toolbar, not at the top. The same thing happens with or without the title set.
  21. I have been adding buttons inside a toolbar like so: (this would be an item in a container)

    { xtype: 'toolbar',
    docked: 'top',
    xtype: 'button',
  22. I know this is old, but I had the same problem and found the solution, so here it is:

    var newController = Ext.create( '', { application: } );
  23. Is it possible for a Sencha application to be bundled using something such as PhoneGap, and be able to download Sencha JS code and then run that code?
    For example, let's say I have the Sencha...
  24. For my applications, I've always been using app.scss to insert any custom CSS I want to style the classes I gave to different Sencha Touch components. Using this method, I've had to run a 'compass...
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    Looks fine, just that cm.model.Companies doesn't match leadsMap.model.Companies as referenced in the store. Check Google Chrome's Developer Console for errors.
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