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    this code work perfect, i have only some problems trying to locale my ExtJS app, here i write one solution for this and move this code to MVC style

    Thanks you
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    i find this:!/example/locale/dutch-form.html

    and is see two that locale is working, but with form valid not with the extension ux to valid form with models...
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    how i should load the ext/locale/..file.. using Cmd?
    i check in .sencha/app/sencha.cfg but i didn't see nothing

    and when i load the file manualy, doesn't work


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    I had a tabpanel too,
    but later that i include the js script, it was solved
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    if i did undestand bad,

    do you said that for better consistency i must have a method for each type event?

    thanks you
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    oh, the include of the js neptune script improve very much it!
    Thanks for the tip!
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    Hello, i have a best practical question

    i have a controller that just add events that happen in the application, this controller is called from another controllers

    actually i am doing it in the...
  8. yes, for sure! thanks you so much!!
    i will try do all one form! :)
  9. Edit: i dont know what happend with the paste code, i attached it too

    Hi everybody, i will try to write it short but explained

    i have a view that is a Ext.window.Window component, inside i have...
  10. i found two possible solutions to bind a model validation with form validation from one year ago, maybe there is something better today?

    thanks :)
  11. help a bit,

    i think too that i will delete the *-comments.js files, take a bit more with this one that with the anothers files, i think that they are not necessary for the 'sencha build' command
  12. i am just searching for this,
    how to map model validation to form validation

    really there isn't a way to do it?

    in this case, what is better? forget model validation and just use form one or...
  13. Thanks you dmulcahey and slemmon,
    i will try do it
  14. nope, i don't run this command, but my app have only one page

    the problem isn't with the 'sencha workspace' if with Eclipse/Aptana when build the workspace (...
  15. Hello everybody,

    i am having, i think, an issue when Aptana Build Workspace in my Ext JS project,
    my computer is a quad core 1.6MHz with 6gb of ram, and this process take almost between 10 and 15...
  16. i get it!

    i am using the Cmd SDK, so is better load all controllers in app.js and if i dont want that the init() auto run, i can use your code

    and later when i do a #sencha build put all...
  17. Hello,
    i am quite new working with Ext 4.2 MVC,
    and i'm a bit obsessive on best practice and app performance

    then, now i have a dilemma

    i have a typical principal App ToolBar with menuItems,...
  18. i am having a similar question for a toolbar

    for know, i decided have a controller that listen for the toolbar and the menu click event, and a control call for every menu.Item

    but know, i am...
  19. Hi,

    i use 4.2, but check it

    view/menu/Menu.js Work!

    Ext.define("", {
    extend: 'Ext.toolbar.Toolbar',

    this for sure will respond your question, if i undestand good
  21. for me, that worked


    Ext.define("", {
    extend: '',

    alias: 'widget.menuclient',
  22. so useful,
    thanks you!
  23. in advance, thanks for the answer

    yes, your refactory is good, i am a bit confuse about Model and Bind Form,
    really i can't find a clear example about it..

    i did the form.loadRecord() to...
  24. Hello,
    i am trying extjs 4 and the new mvc model

    i have a form with a save button, and i assign the model with the form.loadRecord() method

    onNuevoClienteSaveClick: function(btn) {
  25. thanks, this don't work! :1 but, if i use store.getAt(item_index) work :s
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