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  1. I can confirm the issue, it shows up in 2.3.1a.
    Sorry, i cant set up a fiddle because the issue shows up handling data that i need to keep confidential. Id suggest to test the variable with...
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    a blogpost on how to configure would be fantastic!
    do you use it with sencha touch too? are there any differences / other configs to use?
    thnx in advance
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    I try to "sencha package" a project previously kickstarted with "sencha app create". Ive edited the packager.json file according to the documentation adding the P12 certificate and a valid...
  4. i can confirm this: architect crashed while trying to add a third hasOneAssociation to a model.
    after that i had to manually remove it from the metadata/model/Modelname file to be able to start...
  5. I can confirm the bug (doesnt work in my app as well) and nigels suggestion doesnt work in safari either - any patch / suggestions on this one?
    thnx in advance
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