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  1. This is not related to Android at all. Guessing that you could try adding your Root Certificate to truststore but I am not sure how this works on Android at all.
  2. Please see iPhone Configuration Utility:

    You can also upload your RootCA on some web site and let iPhone users download it from there. AFAIK it worked for me...
  3. OK, solved by adding Root CA certificate to configuration profile.
  4. Upd2:
    Looks it is due to certificate was issued by RootCA. Solved it in Chrome so far;
    Has anyone ogt experience getting this working on real device (iOS)?
  5. I am getting a similar error with Connection.js at line 314 ('Resource failed to load') , while sending requests over HTTPS.
    How to overcome it?

  6. Hi,

    I need to communicate with the server using HTTPS protocol.

    My requests work well over HTTP while when I switch to HTTPS entirely, I am getting status 0 failures for both GET and POST...
  7. Irrelevant now, got it working apparently. Thanks for your reply.
  8. doesn't work for me.
  9. Doesn't work for me, the global variable remains undefined while assigned one's scope is launch() function

    <myAppName>.app.getControllerInstances()['<controllerName>'] does the job though
  10. Thanks for your reply. The problem is that I need to remove all views (including overlays like ActionSheets) at certain point and then add them back again.
    So what would be the right way to recover...
  11. Hi.
    In my app I remove and add views from/to viewport
    After Ext.Viewport.removeAll(true, true) is called and some views are added back again using Ext.Viewport.add(..)...
  12. I have tried this code from "best answer" -

    Ext.define('Ext.ux.field.NumText', { extend : 'Ext.field.Text', xtype : 'numtextfield', initialize: function() { ..., etc
    and it only gives...
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