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  1. Ok, I handled this issue, so topic can be closed :)

    It turned out that global function pLang was causing troubles and tpl couldn't render.
  2. Code works all fine in testing mode, so I'm surprised actually.

    Calling controllers and getting cmp's is unfortunately determined by whole app structure.
    I know it's not nice way to deal with...
  3. Hi guys,

    Recently I've tried to use XTemplates on my panels. But unfortunately there's an issue with this. When Im using uncompressed resources all works fine, template renders properly. But after...
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    thanka for the advice:)

    problem seems to be solved now:)
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    Im having problem with load data from json file placed on other server.
    Here's my code:

    { extend: '', ...
  6. yes,store is loaded, list gets records from store. when i display list without any parent container it shows properly. problem is when i place it inside panel.
  7. ok, but this still not solving my problem :)
  8. im trying to make st1 app work with new sencha and im finding troubles with that.

    So you say old syntax can cause this problem?
  9. Hi,

    I have a problem with list, it seems that its rendering as hidden when inside a panel. Is there nicer solution than firing show method anytime I want to display this panel?

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