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  1. I did find this post and I will pursue this method and implement today. If anyone knows of any gotchas or tips/tricks, please send them my way....
  2. I have a very large and complex Cordova app (for iOS and Android) that has been written largely without any significant libraries or frameworks. As a trial, I would like to import the extjs.js...
  3. I found out why the phone number detection is working:

    From the PhoneGap.plist file in the project:


    To enable/disable phone number detection.
  4. I realize, the recognition must be happening in the webkit browser...

    PS: ALSO, I know, I forgot to specify... I'm running this Sencha Touch app via PhoneGap on my iPhone.

  5. I have an application that displays various content using a template (like contacts), and it displays addresses and phone numbers.

    On my iPhone:

    When I call the update({new data here}), the...
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    I actually fixed my issues, please see the link above to the other forum issue for details.

  7. I'm feeling alone here... but I wanted to add my fix just in case someone else needs this information.

    The scrolling was super slow and choppy until I made a slight change to multi-column options...
  8. Okay, I did finally get the scrollTo working... I did not know that the x and y positions had to be explicitly set.

    Ext.getCmp('ArticlePagePanel').scroller.scrollTo({x: 800, y: 0}, true);

  9. Would anyone know how to debug this? I'm really stumped why this does not work. I set the width of the panel to 10000px, the multi-column style works well, and I can manually scroll horizontally......
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    The performance was an issue when I had article longer than 3 pages... when 10-15 pages, it's really slow and choppy. A pain to scroll between pages. I'm not sure where the bottleneck is, is it...
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    Did you use the CSS3 Multi Column layout ? I'm asking because I'm creating something similar for an internal company magazine and I had the same requirements/issues.

    Although, after implementing...
  12. I'm implementing an eBook type reader that can take any arbitrary length of html content and format it into pages that are formatted for horizontal display (using CSS3 multi-column feature).

  13. WHY IE: because not all Touch apps are small phone apps. Tablet apps (like iPad) actually look very nice on a desktop browser thereby widening the target audience.

    WHY BOTHER: because its worth it...
  14. Found a way to use Touch on IE6+

    See this link!
  15. Like most large development shops, we need to write apps that run on iE6+ browsers. Since IE does not use WebKit... Touch is impossible on IE right? No. Google created an IE plugin to solve this....
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    Hi codingJoe,

    One thing that I found that always causes IE to fail is the "extra comma" issue... IE crashes whenever an extra comma is encountered in JavaScript. Misplaced or extra comma's are...
  17. That's too bad. I like the ability to write the app once using the Touch framework and having the app format for the device {iPhone, Android, iPod, iPad, Desktop }. But, having to tell all users that...
  18. I've been looking for the definitive answer regarding the Touch library and it's ability to work in Firefox browsers. I've read multiple posts that state Touch is for browsers based on WebKit, and...
  19. To take this a step further, is it possible to change the style of the toolbar itself (background, etc)? If so, how?

  20. Hi Rob, It sounds like you have answered all your own questions. In my case, I wanted an easy was to set/unset an image on the button. This is what I did...

    In my CSS file

    .alerticon {
  21. Hi borillo, I know this thread is old, but I have the SAME question as you did. Regarding 'POST' method for cross-domain Ajax calls... What workaround did you use? Anyone have any suggestions on this...
  22. Okay, thanks Evan... I'll try that.
  23. I want a different image depending on the list item. The code below works perfect, but I want different images... Sorry, I don't know where to set the unique image (based on the item text).

  24. Can you show an example? I see how this template sets the text, but I cannot figure out how an icon is added to the template.

    -- cavalleydude
  25. Okay, right, good point... I never thought about that. Thanks.
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