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  1. Actually I just fixed mine by using Ext.device.Geolocation.getCurrentPosition()
  2. Have you already find the solution on this? I have the same problem.
  3. Actually, i already done this but still the white screen still exist.
  4. hi simplyjohn,

    Do you know how to clear the cached data in IOS device? Can you please help me how to do this?
  5. can someone confirmed if this was already fixed?
  6. Hi, I downloaded the latest sdk from the website and make a build on IOS but still the white screen is still there. Where can I download the fixed version? Please help...
  7. I also experienced this kind of problem. Have you find the solution for this?
  8. I also had this white screen problem. Does anyone here already had a solution to this issue? I had published an app in appstore before using sencha touch 2.0 and was working fine.
  9. Hi sword-it,

    How can i check the nib file?
  10. Hi,<br><br>I have an app packaged as native ios. The problem is when you open the app for the first time, the opening screen displays for a very short period time (i think less than a second) and...
  11. Hello everyone!

    I was trying to build a new application using 'sencha app build native' and&nbsp;'sencha app build production' in sencha command. The build was successful but the problem is the...
  12. I already published an iphone app in appstore. When I checked it today, the app doesn't load after the opening screen. I don't remember I changed anything on the app. It was working fine before....
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    I also got the same error as you are. I use "androidAPILevel":"15". Did anyone already encountered this problem and find a solutions?
  14. Hello everyone!

    Did anyone here has already successfully packaged an android app for distribution? I followed the steps in the guide here:!/guide/native_android,...
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