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  1. Links to extjs-build for live examples

    I don't know if this is a shared issue, all the links within Live Examples to ext resources point to a folder called extjs-build, which doesn't exist in the output directory, meaning no live examples...
  2. Yeah, you're right. Thanks :). FYI I...

    Yeah, you're right. Thanks :).

    FYI I accidentally down-voted your last comment. It won't let me undo!
  3. I've updated both but I still get the same error....

    I've updated both but I still get the same error. :(
  4. Hacking

    Ok thanks, I'm going to have a go at implementing a mailer class. I just started through the hacking guide and I got this error when running rake ext4:

  5. Feature Idea

    Hi renku,

    Had an idea for a feature: How about a @doccontact tag that works like @docauthor but for an email address?

    Jsduck could have an additional flag that tells it to email parse errors...
  6. Feature plans

    Hi renku, thanks for this latest update =]

    Do you have any plans to integrate commenting? We have been exploring the possibility of using jsduck as a collaborative tool and would love to know if...
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