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  1. Yes thanks, I forgot to report back!

    ** I mistakenly marked this as best answer and cannot unmark it, where shall I do that?
  2. Please see here:
  3. thanks!
  4. @natewerewolf, would you mind posting a fiddle with the way you implemented the optimizations?
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    Finally Sencha does have an official styleguide:

  6. Hello Daniel,

    I just wrote a how-to about my fresh experience with this topic - the scenario seems to be the same that you describe.

    There are still a few points that need to be improved (e.g....
  7. thanks Aaron, that makes things clear
  8. Never mind, the proxy setting was set to "manual" because of my previous attempts to resolve the issue on another wifi, switching back to autodetect did the trick. Still I have to figure out why the...
  9. Hello,

    I am having an issue logging in.
    Freshly downloaded SA3.1, no previous SA installations.
    It mentions I might be behind a proxy, but I am not.
    I tried installing SA3.0 to see if things...
  10. Wow, I was unaware of this. This makes, among other things, implementing profile-based strategies in SA much easier.
  11. Also, in Architect using icon:null is not an option.

    The only workaround is to use whatever string. This generates a background:url() style on .x-button-icon. I suggest using '/' which at least...
  12. Seconding the bump. It's not a blocker, but it is very very confusing to users, and a very common use scenario.
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    In4p, thanks for taking the time to answer.

    Actually, Ripple usage goes far beyond BB development.

    In fact, we only use it for developing apps targeting Android and iOS.
    As you might know it...
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    We experience the same problem:

    Ripple latest version, Chrome and Cromium, Ubuntu 13.04 64bit, ST 2.2.1

    Any hint?
  15. Many thanks Jamie.
    Do you happen to have a patch, or could you post the relevant bit of code here?
  16. Note: the temporary fix you suggest works well if you have only left or right labels. If you also have top or bottom labels, you need more specific selectors

    here is an example to limit to left...
  17. Same misbehaviour observed on several platforms, including Ubuntu/Chrome and iOS6
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