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  1. Jeeheeeeeeeesus, I just ran into that one. *Thank you* jeremym, for taking the time to post. Even though I'd burned an hour or two, you probably saved me quite a few more.

    That's *got* to be a...
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  3. Right I've got to get the model/store to reflect the data I want in that grid (the view). That's what I said. Or did you mean something different by "map to the data I want"?

    My question is: where...
  4. I'm building an mvc view that's backed by a heirarchical object model. It's basically a grid w/ some groupings. So I've got to take the heirarchical object model and shape it into tabular data which...
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    Can you accomplish the same thing as bodyPadding by wrapping all the element's items in some container and then giving the container a padding?
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    When should I use padding and when should I use bodyPadding?

    Why are there two attributes that seem to do the same thing?
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