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  1. *bump*
  2. I've turned off the web server completely, so I should get a 404, however chrome console and ff firebug are giving me "failed" and "aborted" respectively and no response body or headers are present...
    Ext version tested:

    Sencha touch 2.0.0
    Browser versions tested against:

    Android 2.1 browser! (no idea what that is)
    Google Chrome
    DOCTYPE tested against:
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    you have to make the selected "dragged" item the upper most z-index holder, {just a small css modification}, that in order to enable "visual" drop over

    looks nice though, thumps up
  5. well its not mature, but its the design piracy that i am angry about

    check out the date field picker for instance
  6. hi

    i thought i should point this to you guys as i found a framework for .Net product family copying Ext.

    those guys don't only copy the controls layouts and...
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    hi saki

    thumps up
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    way to go

    they should have included the song form Anger Management

    that way you can fantasize beating the hell of anybody with a laugh on your face
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    good work everybody
    i haven't had the opportunity to see all the thread post but here goes the Arabic translation

    i made an override for the datepicker so that it can display the months and...
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    good work,
    had to shorten the function name though ;)
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    i did a quick override for the xmlreader code to enable the composite key in the xml store
    it is used like this:

    , reader: new{
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    hello all

    i found the post that directs you how to make a composite key with a Json data.

    i tried to review the xmlReader class to see how can i...
  13. you are right

    i nest the grid in a panel and then in a tabpanel, i posted this in my first post

    after removing the multi nesting it finally works fine, thank you animal

    shouldn't the...
  14. a good solution that should work but the activate trigger is not fired on the grid, i think it has to be relaid from the tab panel or overridden to work

    the API docs state that not all components...
  15. ok, i did a dirty solution and i am putting it here just in case some one needed it

    on the tabPanel set the config

    xtype : 'tabpanel'
    , layoutOnTabChange : true
  16. hi

    I have a GridPanel inside a Panel inside a TabPanel and the show and beforeshow events don't get triggered

    the render event invokes just fine but i need the beforeshow and show events (at...
  17. hello all

    is there a quick override (or maybe build another array for sake of error) to make those quickly...
  18. thnx for the help

    options : {buffer : Number}

    i know i saw it somewhere
  19. sorry

    i've looked there but couldn't see how
    forgive me if i overlooked something, can you point the config option please?
  20. hello all

    i know this is dumb but any chance someone can point to me how to specify minimum time for function execution

    i am trying to attach a handler to rowSelectionModel selectionChange but...
  21. thnx for sharing,

    i once stumbled on this and it certainly impressed me
    thnx for porting this nice widget

    +1 =D>
  22. we use Delphi 2007 business server with a php extension written to merge to the web server

    so I'll vote php :(

    ps: fast like nothing else is, 27'000 records populated and rendered to Ext grid...
  23. hi

    i have requested help in the Help forum for this but it seems that this case is. i am trying to get the summary of multilevel summaries but with no luck
    what i would like to have is similar to...
  24. hi

    i am trying to get the summary of multilevel summaries but with no luck

    what i would like to have is similar to this

    but please note...
  25. hi everyone

    what i've done is copy the code supplied in the dynamic forms example (which has 5 really great forms designs) and tried to take the code and put it in a TabPanel as a tab.

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