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    tenBoxelulley: Yes. Yes you do.
  2. I ran into the same issue installing Sencha Cmd. Just execute the binary directly instead of using "sh" use "./filenametoexecute" and it should run.
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    Can you let me know where Sencha "says" this? I can't find a requirements list for their SDK Tools (version 2.0.0 beta 3) and we don't have 6.2, but we're not as old as 5.6. I need...
  4. There is an Ext.Loader.history property that will output all the classes you need in an array.!/api/Ext.Loader-property-history

    NOTE: (from above docs link)...
  5. I just noticed in the Help/About pop up in Sencha Designer 2 there is a link to a different forum. Should I repost this there?
  6. While I appreciate the idea of having app.js and app.html automatically generated this is now causing a conflict with my actual application.

    I started my first app with Designer 1.2 and quickly...
  7. Bump!
  8. That's the confusing part for me. These Ext.defines are coming from Ext Designer 1.2. One grid is created as a child item of a parent panel as this:

    Ext.define('VMS.view.ui.UserManagement', {
  9. I'm using ext-4.0.7 (same issue w/ext-4.0.6 as well) and am having a weird issue with a couple of grids. Right now I have two windows, one each with a grid in it. The grids are coming from two...
  10. @lorezyra

    The problem I had (which manifested with the same symptoms) was that the proxy information I used to register Ext Designer was not the same as what loaded data. So, the proxy information...
  11. @Frederic - Great example. I did find two issues with the code (on top of the autoViewport config edt) using Ext JS 4.0.6. Issue 1 is that Ext.Loader was not set by default so in app.js I had to add:...
  12. Perfect! Thanks. The only change I had to make to your path (and it is minor) was to change:
    "...\Sencha Designer\" to "...\Sencha Designer 1.2\".

    Just in case anyone else tries navigating that...
  13. Vista 7 (Pro). Sorry, I should have included that in my original post. Thanks, Jarred!
  14. Jarred,

    I'm unable to use the IP address of my dev server. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Ext Designer, but it appeared to retain the license and proxy config info. Can you let me know how we...
  15. Bummer. Well, I'll just make sure to keep clean records of everything as I go. Thanks for the response. On a side note, are you guys beta testing Ext Designer 2.0? If so, I'd love to be a part of...
  16. Designer version tested:

    Designer 1.2.0

    Operating System:

    WinXP Pro

  17. This is an FYI to hopefully help with a weird issue I encountered.

    I had a Form Panel with an userAlias and userClassName as NewTaskForm. On the original export a NewTaskForm.js file was created...
  18. I was able to get this working via a button. I'm about to tie it in with some checkbox functionality which brings up an issue I've been having. Right now whenever I addFilter to a grid's store the...
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    aconran's solution did correct my issue. Thanks!
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    Anything in the designer_includeOrder text file is not being included in the designer.html file. The Preview in Ext Designer works fine, but when attempting to view it through the browser it is a...
  21. I was having problems with 4.0. I tested w/both 4.0.2 versions and they worked:

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="ext-4.0.2/resources/css/ext-all.css">
  22. @polimux You'll have to ask @DiscoBoy where he's keeping it. I thought he had posted it in these forums, but after reviewing his forum posts I don't see it. He does mention it a couple of times,...
  23. Thanks for bump @polimux and the reply @DiscoBoy. I believe I found your Event Bus info here in the forums. My concern is that as we are looking to develop an enterprise-level solution we don't want...
  24. These are ALL great questions! Can someone please explain. There seems to be a major disconnect for a lot of users new to Sencha w/ExtJS 4 that don't grasp the view/controller relationships. I've...
  25. @hfusion

    Where are you defining "me"? Is that an alias for your controller?
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