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  1. I didn't mean load the file dynamically, I mean 'activating' the controller for the active profile. Lets say there is a button which is displayed in every profile. Depending on which profile I am in,...
  2. No, they are in the config for the profile. I know that I can put them both in the application, and have them load at startup, but I was hoping to load them dynamically when the active profile...
  3. I have an app with two profiles: One for tablets in portrait mode, and one for tablets in landscape mode.

    Each of the profiles defines its own controller...
  4. I am defining isActive in the profile.

    It's adding "object" because I am treating the string like an object. Running the following line of javascript demonstrates:


  5. That doesn't seem to work. The array returned by getProfiles() contains strings, not objects. When I call isActive() on profiles[i], i get:

    Uncaught TypeError: Object...
  6. All I was missing was a manual call to the profile's launch function:

    Ext.define('SenchaProfiles.controller.Main', {
    extend: '',

    config: {
    refs: {
  7. I am attempting to programatically switch the active profile and redraw the viewport whenever the orientation changes. I was hoping for something like ST1's determineProfile function, which would...
  8. It is an open bug:
  9. Whenever you have a List which uses the ListPaging plugin, the load mask is only shown on the first load. Each subsequent load shows no mask. The mask behavior returns to normal by commenting out the...
  10. The problem appears to be with the ListPaging plugin. Adding the plugin causes the load mask to stop working after the first load. Here is a complete example of the problem using Twitters's JSON API:...
  11. My app has a search form that takes user input and binds search results to an Ext.List object (I am also using the ListPaging plugin). In the submit delegate for the search form, I run the following...
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    passion4code's suggestion worked for me, but you can take it one step further.

    PullRefresh requires that each model instance have a unique identifier. It checks that id to determine if two...
  13. I am using a store which is automatically populated from a JsonP service. From time to time, the service will not work, and I would like to handle this case in the code, but I'm not sure where to add...
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    Ok, that's cool. You should probably update this page:!/guide/building
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    For some reason, when I use sencha-touch.js, I cannot use dynamic loading, but sencha-touch-debug works fine

    <link rel="stylesheet"...
  16. Can you provide a small example of calling setExtraParam()?
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    Are you using a controller?
  18. I have a simple search form. When it is submitted, the following code is run:

    var searchValue = Ext.getCmp('searchField').getValue();
    var store =...
  19. I think you need to add the panel to your viewport

  20. Changing

    { xclass: 'TestApp.view.ListPanel' },

  21. I have an MVC app that uses an Ext.Container which has a toolbar and list. The problem is that the list inside the container does not display.

    The following is the most simple test I could come up...
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    Thanks for the help :D
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    In the documentation examples I've seen, stores are defined using Ext.create, but in the demo apps like KitchenSink (e.g. kitchensink\app\store\Demos.js), i see the Ext.define syntax. Are both valid?...
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    I am attempting to create a Tab Panel in which each panel is its own custom type. I have simplified the concept as much as possible, but eventually the custom panel types will have logic and styling...
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    The last day's weather has a strange vertical offset:

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