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    Here are related threads that I have read over. I haven't fully solved my problem yet, but I think these will point me in the right direction:
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    I would also like to know how to do this. I have a tree that does not display its root node. I want to be able to drag a row from a grid to the tree.
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  4. I'm making some progress. I added a listener for beforenodedrop. Turns out dropEvent.cancel defaulted to true. So I'm setting that to false. Next, I need to figure out how to set...
  5. I am dragging a row from a GridPanel to a TreePanel. They share the same ddGroup. I have partial success:

    I get the horizontal line indicating drop position.
    And the tree's nodedragover event...
  6. I think you may want to use "beforemovenode" instead of "movenode". See thread:

    Docs on beforemovenode:...
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    In the DDProxy documentation, the event handlers (such as onDragDrop) are intermingled with public properties. (Whereas in many other classes, these are separated out). Is this intentional?
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