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  1. Something like this:

    fullObject: {a:1, b:2, c: yadda }

    Then I go like:

    column a | column b | column c
    fullObject.a | fullObject.b | fullObject.c
  2. Hello.

    I have a tree.Panel which store is populated by a dinamic json. Dinamic in the way that the data retrieved depends on user actions, so the columns my grid shows are dinamically configured....
  3. root: {
    children: data

    That did it. =D

  4. Hi, I am making a tree.Panel that in the future will have information suplied to it by a rest url.

    Before implementing that, I am rendering a js html tag that contains my json.

    The problem I am...
  5. I was looking for some "view source" hehe, I totally ignored the obvious way.

    Anyway, I did it =D

    'itemmouseenter': function(component, record, itemhtml,indice,event,options) {
    for (s = 0;...
  6. I can't seem to find the source code for that example. Anyway, I found something else but I am only able to highlight the line. I can't find a way to show a marker.
  7. Hi, I have a Line Chart and a Grid Panel that shares the same Store.

    I want to make it so when an user hovers the mouse over a record on my grid, the same "point" is displayed on my line chart.
  8. Thank you guys, you are all awesome. It's working now. My form can actually submit my whole record =D

  9. Whoa, thats really nice, thanks!

    Just one more thing (sorry for being so demanding), but my date must be somehow separated from the other data.

    I am trying to send a Java object AND a Date...
  10. Btw, I tried submiting my record but I got this:

    request payload:

    var record = Ext.pluck(form.findField("ComboBox").lastSelection ||...
  11. Ext.pluck(form.findField("combobox").lastSelection || [], 'data')It works =DJust so I can get this clearer, what does the
    || [], 'data') do?
  12. But how can I do something like:

    params: form.getField("combobox").GETMODELOBJECT ?
  13. I have a combobox and a datefield on my form. The combo box is backed up by a store and only show one field of it, like:
    A record: {name: bla, id:7. class: ble}
    Combobox shows: bla

    I want to...
  14. I got around that problem by rotating the dates to fit the screen better:

    label: { renderer: Ext.util.Format.dateRenderer("d/m/y"),
    font: '9px Arial',
    rotate: {
    degrees: 45
  15. Hello, I am building some line charts that show data from like 200+ records.

    The data is like [someNumber, someDate].
    someNumber has a small range, but the dates range too much and I end up with...
  16. Got it:

    method: 'GET',
    headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json' },
    success: function (form, action) {
    var jsonResp =...
  17. pontosStore.loadData(action.response.responseText);

    I guess it loads the data, but somehow my browser freezes and I can see in my console.log(pontoStore) that the data array has more then 35000...
  18. I did that and now the success callback works, but I am not able to load that JSON to my store.

    success: function (response, request) {

    Am I missing...
  19. The failure callback is working, so I guess it's a GET issue.

    Btw I triyed loading my response to my store but my grid shows nothing.

    failure: function (response, request) {...
  20. form.submit(
    method: 'GET',
    success: function (req, res) {
  21. Hello,

    When I submit my form, I get a json response back that I want to load on my store.

    buttons: [{
    text: 'Exibir',
    handler: function(){
  22. I was given the task to implement a REST interface to make our Java application (wicket interface) to render ExtJS components and feed their stores using JSONs.

    We have a infrastructure that can...
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