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  1. This problem still persists in the latest version of Sencha Touch (2.3.1).

    What I did is simply creating a container with a div contenteditable="true" in the html config. It works fine on desktop...
  2. This is a pretty common problem which I've seen many people asked about it but there's no complete answer.

    I have several questions:

    1. Is it mandatory to use phonegap if we want to open in-app...
  3. Hi everyone,

    In ST 2.3.0 release notes, I see this line:

    and in the docs:

    And also I read this thread:
  4. Still doesn't work fyi, I tried using it before posting the reply.
  5. Same problem here, I tried adding a button and put the input.focus() in its handler but still didn't work.I'm using Touch 2.3.0.This might actually be a Sencha Touch bug, because I created a testing...
  6. I tried but no luck.
    Also even if I wrap the list inside an Ext.Container, when building it with Sencha Cmd 4, the list still doesn't listen to itemtap event.
    Fortunately, I have just resolved the...
  7. Hi everyone,

    I'm creating a very simple application which is very similar to the Oreilly conference app but with a different user interaction.

    The flow is like this:

    - Open the slider menu,...
  8. Hi fmoseley, here is the modified fiddle, please run it. Thanks,

    name: 'Fiddle',

    launch: function() {
    var view = Ext.create('Ext.NavigationView', {
  9. Thank you fmoseley for the help!
  10. I have just found out why.onItemTap is a predefined function in the framework itself, changing its name should work...
  11. Hello,

    My scheme is quite simple. This is a child view which can be pushed into a Ext.navigation.View class. If I let it extend from Ext.List, itemtap event is never fired.

    Here is my code for...
  12. Hi everyone,

    This is a very common method which is widely used:

    onItemtap: function(dataview, index, target, record, e, eOpts)

    I have just written a simple action method with some...
  13. Hi everyone,

    I have read many related posts but not found any good answers yet although I know it's not a new question.

    I would like to create a container which is scrollable and has a list and...
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    My app works again but it has many errors and also is not persistent, for example:
    - On Chrome, navigation view's titles are not shown, while they work on Safari.
    - On Safari, lists are not shown...
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    Same here. It's online again but my app's layout is partially broken.
  16. Sure. Thanks, Phil.
  17. Seems I figured out the reason.

    I created a workspace in the home folder by mistake. Deleted .sencha fodler and the errors have gone.

    But I still can't generate a new project. It failed without...
  18. Hi everyone,

    I'm using Sencha Architect version 2.2.2 (build 991) with Sencha Cmd v3.1.2.342.

    When I create a new Sencha Touch 2.2.x project with Sencha Architect, save it and open "Package"...
  19. It means that there's no way to sort in mentioned way for now?
  20. Hello everyone,
    I want to create an Ext.List grouped by month. It's easy to get the month number sorted (from 1-12) but I want to show the name of month as group string instead.
    So it should be:...
  21. Hello everyone,
    Like the thread title. :D
    I want to develop a ST2 application (later packaged as iOS and Android native app) which has a set of images. At some operations, user may want to select...
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    Hello everyone,
    Having a deeper look at the source code, I see that the slide menu extends an Ext.List.
    Is it possible to "customize" the sliding menu? I mean I don't want to use basic list. I want...
  23. This is an old question but I just want to know if there is a way to do it in Sencha Touch 2.1.1
    Here's the code I used:

  24. Great, I will give it a try.
    Thanks a lot.
  25. Hello.
    I would like to build a component like this:


    Each image in this chain is an item. When I swipe from left to right or vice-versa, the active item slides into the centre.
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