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  1. I am having a similar problem in firefox where the menus don't size to fit the text in them. Seems to work fine in IE.
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    Any chance 1.0 will support keyboard shortcuts like KeyMap in Ext JS?
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    +1 for option 4 for the same reasons that others have pointed out above. I'd also be happy with a standard setter that throws if it does not support being used after rendering as long as the javadoc...
  4. I am getting the following exception from Table.setSelectionModel:
    at com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.table.Table.setSelectionModel(

    The code in...
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    Is there a way to specify the column (and direction) that the data is sorted by when the table is initially rendered? I see a getSortDir() method in TableColumn but there is no setSortDir().
  6. Looks like tabbing into a table puts the dotted box around the first table row irrespective of if there is a selected row in the table or not. To repeat this follow these steps in the TablePage of...
  7. I am trying to build a project to run the samples in hosted mode. I guess, as you suggest, I could include in my project the sources for the samples and have them depend on gxt.jar.
  8. The src folder in the beta download is missing the gwt.xml file, properties files and resources. Is this intentional? I ended up copying these out of the jar file to get the samples running in hosted...
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    gxt 1.0 needs JDK 1.5.
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