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  1. Creating a custom ComboBoxCell and overriding select() mehtod to do nothing seem to prevent the annoying auto selection of the first element overriding what the user types (when you press...
  2. Not entirely sure why, but assigning the widget to the content panel in the addExpandHandler(...) seems to do the trick.

    mapsPanel.addExpandHandler(new ExpandEvent.ExpandHandler() {
  3. I'm running into trouble with AccordionLayoutContainer with a particular ContentPanel's content that won't resize and fill the entire container when selected.

    If the active Widget starts up with...
  4. I'm using gxt-3.1.1.jar and using com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client.TabPanel, which correct does use CardLayoutContainer.

    Sorry, I was sort of using pseudocode there to explain my issue, that...
  5. How can I tell TabPanel to layout again, it is almost working, see comment below.

    I've got a pretty simple TabPanel, each widget contains a BorderLayout, where the center widget of the...
  6. Any news on this?

    I was looking for the roadmap:
    What is Sencha’s current road map for Ext JS?Sencha publishes the road map for all of our frameworks under each respective products’ “Road...
  7. By the way, I'm referring to a brief statement regarding support for GXT 3 at the 2012 Google Conference, what was said: ""Better IDE support and tooling - so there's some support coming in GWT...
  8. Hi Sven,

    Is there any progress of GXT 3 with UIBinder being supported by GWT Designer? I'd love to see this happen. I've been using GXT from the very first builds years ago and think this is...
  9. I was able to hack this to make it work. I had to create my own custom class and copy some code from the source which was private, but it would be really nice if there was some property like:
  10. Any ideas? Is there a way that I can just fake a button click event to the toolbar button (>>), that will also give me the desired affect?

  11. Sorry, I posted this over in bugs and meant to post it here...
    Is there a way to mimic a toolbar button (">>") click without the user actually clicking it?

    Let me explain...

    I've got a...
  12. Is there a way to mimic a toolbar button (">>") click without the user actually clicking it?

    Let me explain...

    I've got a BorderLayout with a West panel that collapses. If you click on...
  13. I was able to shorten the test case a little more... Now the layout hierarchy is just:
    A-ContentPanel (FitLayout) has scrollbar
    B-LayoutContainer (FlowLayout) has border and contains...
  14. I'm getting an overflow issue with this layout hierarchy:

    A-Content Panel (Fit Layout), has a scroll bar
    B-Layout Container (Fit Layout), has borders
    C-Layout Container (Flow Layout)...
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    Is there a way to include the gxt-all.css in the module xml file?

    When I try:

    <stylesheet src="css/gxt-all.css"/>

    it won't find it because it is looking in the generate js directory. I...
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    Thanks sven, that worked perfectly.
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    For some reason the sample code below is suppose to put a red filled in box in the middle of the screen with a margin of 50px around the box. Unfortunately only 3 sides have a margin, the other...
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    I did a workaround similar to the above post:

    I had a BaseModelData object that had this method:

    public ArrayList<RoleDTO> getRoles() {
    return get(ROLES);

    public void...
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    I just ran into this issue too... I've got a object that also extends BaseModelData and contains a complex type and experiencing this:

    java.lang.AssertionError: Not enough methods, expecting 3 saw...
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    Hi sven,

    I'm new to premium support, so maybe I'm not looking in the right place. I did a checkout of releases/2.0 and rebuilt... but I'm still not seeing the spinner show up when a tree node is...
  21. Heap size in IntelliJ has to be increased to make this work. The previous instructions for increasing heap doesn't work. Here is how to properly do it:

    1) Click File->Project Structure
    2) Click...
  22. Has anyone implemented a Filter for a Async tree? I think the filter depends on the entire tree loaded in memory.

    I'm thinking about adding a TriggerField and adding a listener for key...
  23. Thanks Grant. Your suggestion worked perfectly. In my case, I could actually size the columns manually and make them large enough through fixed size columns.

    If come across a case where they...
  24. Sorry for double posting. I realized after the fact that me posting this question in "Open Discussion" was the wrong spot.

    Can someone please take a look at this code and help me add a...
  25. Same bug can be found in your demo code:

    Try dragging Grids folder into the Tabs folder...
    Then drag Tabs folder into the Windows folder... ...
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