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    Deciding to switch to a drastic licensing approach is not that bad in my case as there is a long time i can't decide to use only extjs or dhtmlx. Now, this confirms once again sencha is playing with...
  2. Hello,

    Thanks for the news.
    I agree, for a bug reporting purpose, a list of what has been fixed on the portal would be useful for me to know if i have to give all the problems i encountered in...
  3. Hi, Is the portal widget a preview one ? I would like to give description of the bug in the demo but in fact there are simply more than...
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    Thanks you Mitchell. Just to be precise on my side, i meant the 4 borders, ie including the title bar, if a smooth animation (ie fade in, fade out) could be apply to border for appearing or...
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    Hi, The revised Portal is based on the new Ext.dashboard.Dashboard component.!/api/Ext.dashboard.Dashboard. Great to see resizable columns, empty column...
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    Many thanks aconran, i will have a look at this
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    Is Sencha Architect help in managing context menu on tree view ?
    I saw nothing in the config panel, i searched into the help too, no result, a quick forum search returned nothing except a...
  8. Thanks again j.bruni
  9. By the way, you moved on what ? :)
    About "You'll need to discover how to use it with SA". Did someone expose the created challenges in the build and with using SA ? and discovered a solution how to...
  10. Thanks you stewardsencha
  11. Hello,

    there is no simple way or documentation to use it with sencha architect ?
    what alternative to for using extjs with laravel along a simple approach ?
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    Is DirectJNgine comet capable ?
    Am i completly missing something or there are just a few extjs components supporting ext direct ?
    I would be glad to be wrong and a list of supported components...
  13. Sorry Florian, gave up Sencha (licence too problematic & Ext GWT not mature enough)
  14. The suggestion here concerns adding capabilities to the portal layout component to help the development of portal applications like Netvibes / iGoogle and especially portal platforms like JBoss/Exo...
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